Syracuse FC Bests Fort Pitt Regiment 1-0 for Second Home Win of the Season

Syracuse FC defeated Fort Pitt Regiment 1-0 at OCC’s Lazer Stadium on Wednesday, June 27th. It was SFC maroon vs FPR white when the match kicked off at 7:00 pm under rainy skies in Syracuse.

Jake Leahy was in goal for Syracuse FC with Adam Blackwell, Milan Jakovljevic, Dylan McDonald, and Connor McGoldrick rounding out the defense. John-Austin Ricks, Lukas Rubio, Sam Daniel, and Djimon Johnson started in the midfield,while Joe Falcone and Jake Kohlbrenner played forward.

Robert McKelvey was in goal for Fort Pitt, with Max Flick, Ryan Landry, Matt McDyer, and Mikel Ubeda on defense. Midfielders were Lucas Canineu, Jake Gratzer, Godinho, Nick Kolarac, and Joaquin Vicent.  Tulio Canineu was the lone forward.

The first half saw limited chances for either team, as both Syracuse FC and Fort Pitt battled the weather as well as each other. Neither team was able to capitalize on weather-related spills.

The first shot of the game came in the ninth minute, with a left-footed rip from FPR’s Tulio Canineu that went right to Syracuse goalkeeper Leahy. Vicent had a chance just five minutes later with a tight angle to Leahy’s left, and Leahy made the save. Tulio Canineu had a near chance in the 26th minute, but a quick foot from McGoldrick prevented the shot and kept the game at 0-0. Tulio Canineu was blocked again in the 34th minute, this time by McDonald on a shot from 18 yards. SFC’s defense remained focused and organized.

Fort Pitt’s best chance came in the 42nd minute, when a header by Landry off a long free kick by Lucas almost put the Regiment on the scoreboard. But the ball hit the crossbar and the score remained 0-0.

Three minutes later, a mixup in Fort Pitt’s box gave Syracuse the chance they were waiting for. Falcone slotted home the ball just inside the post in the 45th minute to give SFC the lead.

The second half saw the rain pick up, keeping the play challenging for both sides. Both teams had chances, but neither could finish.

Fort Pitt made a half-time substitution, bringing Arkangelo James in for Kolarac. Syracuse subbed in Nate Bourdeau for Blackwell in the 57th minute.

Eight minutes later, the first yellow card of the match went to SFC’s Jakovljevic. Other cautions came in the 72nd minute, to FPR’s Tulio for a hard foul on Rubio; to Falcone in the 78th; and to Vicent in the 89th.

In the 71st minute, Dom Galietta entered the game,  replacing Fort Pitt’s Ubeda. Also in the 71st, Bourdeau had a chance to get on the board with a one-on-one against McKelvey. The Fort Pitt goalkeeper tipped it wide, and the score remained 1-0 Syracuse.

Landry and Blackwell collided in the 82nd minute, and Landry went down along the end line. Three minutes later, Nick Sodini went in for Landry to finish out the match. SFC made a final substitution during stoppage time, bringing in Jake Keller for Rubio.

A stoppage time corner by Godinho led to another collision. McGoldrick and Flick hit head-to-head and both went down as the ball sailed over the bar.

Fort Pitt had a final set piece in stoppage time but was unable to convert. The full-time score was Syracuse FC 1, Fort Pitt Regiment 0.

SFC will face AFC Cleveland on Saturday, June 30th in the final home match of the season.


Contributor: Syracuse FC
Photo Credit: Chris Ross

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