Fans and supporters were very much looking forward to the matchup between Temecula FC and FC Arizona on Saturday.   This pair of teams is usually on opposite ends of the table, but Arizona has had a slow start and Temecula FC began the season with a run of great form.  The game started out fast and furious as goals came from both sides in the first half. However, the game would finish as a 2-1 win for FC Arizona.

The scoreline is a good reflection on the manner in which the game was played and the mistakes the Quails made that lead to both goals.  Temecula FC manager Austin Levins spent a frustrating night watching from the stands.

Early pressure from Temecula FC saw chances for Teague Anderson and Joey Ciochetto, but nothing came out of the opportunities. Arizona took the lead after a poor giveaway in the Temecula FC midfield and Arizona punished the Quails to take a 1-0 lead. A couple more opportunities would fall for both teams before Steven Lamberta equalized for Temecula FC off a scrappy bit of play in the Arizona box. The game was 1-1 at the break.

As the sun settled and the wind picked up in the second half, Arizona seemed to enjoy the wind at their back and kept pumping balls into the box and making chances, but not quite converting them. A mental breakdown from Tarek Nazzal, who tried to kick the ball into a player during a set piece for Temecula FC at midfield, sent Arizona on a break where they finished well, scoring their second goal which proved to be the game-winner.

The rivalry between these two clubs looks set to make for a great return game in Arizona on June 6th.  One thing is for sure: the rest of the season will be interesting as the table starts to take shape.

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