FC Golden State won their first-ever game in the NPSL, beating FC Arizona 3-1 in the opening week of games.

“It’s very important to establish yourself when you’re coming into the beginning of the season,” FC Golden State head coach Robert Frieldland said.

Golden State, took down the the defending conference champions, FC Arizona.

“Probably the depth they are willing to go, how hard they play,” Frieldland said of what he was most impressed with.

Marcelo Manfredini scored the first goal in the NPSL for FC Golden State on a free kick in the 34th minute.

“It was feeling like I was prepared from the training sessions,” Manfredini said. “I made this score every day, every single day I prepare.”

Golden State kept the lead 1-0 heading into the half.

“He always practices free kicks and the same thing for me,” Pedro Fonseca said. “I scored the second goal. We always practice free kicks and penalty kicks.”

Fonseca scored the second goal on a penalty kick in the 55th minute.

“It’s amazing, it’s an amazing feeling,” Fonseca said. “We know they are a good team. They only allowed three goals last season and we scored three goals tonight. Woah, it’s an amazing feeling.”

Manfredini said he was thankful to God and all of his supporters for the opportunity to play and score the first goal in the history of the club in the  NPSL.

Fonseca said it was a “special feeling” to play and score in the club’s first game.

The final goal for FC Golden State came on a free kick by Enrique Cardenas.

“It was a half for them and a half for us,” Viera said. “I don’t think we finished our choices.”

FC Arizona’s only goal came off a corner kick that was headed in by Kevin Riascos during the second half.

“It was exciting. I came to FC Arizona to play…I thank God for scoring my first goal,” he said. “Hopefully I can do my best in defense and anytime I can score, hopefully I can score.”

FC Arizona head coach Maxi Viera said that his team despite the loss is looking to go all the way.

“At the end of the day, at the end of the year, you need to know where you stand,” he said. “If you win the championship but lose in semi-finals like it happened last year…I am preparing this team to keep going.”

Viera said the team needs to come out strong and stay strong.

“I want the team to come out and play in the beginning like we did in the second half,” he said.

Adding teams to the league is a good thing, Viera said.

“The league got much better, knowing that the league will get players from NASL. I am expecting a better league and more competition.”

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