2017 NPSL RefEDGE Referee Awards Announced

The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is proud to announce the four recipients of the 2017 NPSL RefEDGE Referee of the Year awards.

“I am quite pleased that we are able to partner with RefEDGE and US Soccer to recognize officials from each region who have stood out not only for their performances on the field, but also what they do off the field mentoring and helping grow the referee community in their areas,” NPSL Director of Officials Paul Scott commented. “This season the league had 392 officials performing as the center referee. These men and women are the next generation of officials to work the top professional leagues. Out of this number, these four stood out. Congratulations to them, these awards are well-earned.”

Jeff Arthurholtz (Seattle, WA) has been named NPSL RefEDGE Referee of the Year-West Region and NPSL RefEDGE National Referee of the Year. Arthurholtz is a seasoned referee of 16+ years that has worked high-profile matches all over the country, including NPSL, NWSL, USL, and Men’s and Women’s National Team games.  He has also officiated youth regionals and nationals as well as the Development Academy playoffs and finals. Outside of soccer, the Las Vegas, NV native works as a medical examiner for a company that covers all of the Pacific Northwest.

“It is with great pride and extreme humility that I find myself in such great company as those that are nominated for the Referee of the Year award as I know them and have had the privilege to work with them as well,” Arthurholtz said. “For me, more important than the award is the friendships and relationships that are made along the way. Nothing will ever replace the memories created with the referee family.”

Eric Tattersall (Greenfield, OH) has been named NPSL RefEDGE Referee of the Year-Midwest Region.  He has been a registered US Soccer referee since 2009 through Pennsylvania West and Ohio South.  In Ohio, he also is currently a state referee. In addition, he has been a NISOA registered college referee since 2011.  Outside of soccer, the Erie, PA native is a middle school mathematics teacher in Washington Court House, Ohio.

“It’s an honor to be selected for Referee of the Year in the NPSL,” Tattersall said. “I’d like to thank everyone that has helped me to achieve this award.  A special thanks to the Ohio South Pro Academy mentors and referees who help prepare us mentally and physically for the 2017 season.  Most importantly thank you to my wife, Janda, and my family for the unconditional love and support.”

Leland Grant (Nashville, TN) has been named NPSL RefEDGE Referee of the Year-South Region.  He has been a national referee for five years, but he also works full-time as a songwriter/music-producer.

“Working challenging games is rewarding, and the NPSL is a diverse league that creates opportunities for referees and players to showcase their skills and abilities,” Grant said. “I am humbled and honored to work amongst other crew members throughout the season who push me to be better, and encourage me to continue to serve the game.”

Thomas Snyder (LaGrangeville, NY) has been named NPSL RefEDGE Referee of the Year-Northeast Region. A certified referee and a licensed coach, Snyder worked with the New York Red Bulls Training Programs after college. He was encouraged to officiate higher level games and later became involved with the Eastern New York Elite Referee Program. Having the opportunities to attend events such as the Disney Showcase, the Development Academy Winter Showcase, the Development Summer Showcase and Playoffs, Region I Youth Regionals, USYSA Nationals, and Dallas Cup over the last few years has given him the opportunity to improve and become a better referee.

“I would like to say thank you to the National Premier Soccer League for considering me for the Referee of the Year award,” Snyder said. “It is truly an honor to be recognized at this level. I would also like to thank both my local referee association, the Hudson Valley Soccer Referee Association, and the Eastern New York Elite Referee Program, and everyone associated with both of these groups who have helped me learn and improve as a referee over the years to get to this point.”

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“The NPSL continues to be a great partner and we are honored to be part of these awards to recognize the best in our industry,” RefEDGE, LLC Co-Founder Jason Record concluded. “We commend the Referees of the Year for their countless hours and dedication to the sport. These referees exhibit the best qualities of a great referee and a great community member – values that are core to RefEDGE. Thank you to the NPSL, the Referees of the Year and all our referee supporters – our strong growth would not be possible without you.”

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The nominations were made by the US Soccer’s National Assignors who appoint officials to NPSL matches. These nominations were compiled and reviewed by a selection committee comprised by members of the NPSL and US Soccer.  This committee selected the winner of each region and from those, the national winner. The criteria examined included not only their performance on the field, but also their contributions off the pitch.

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