The day, just like the previous days in Wichita was hot: 105 degrees to be exact with high humidity.  To combat this extreme heat, FC Wichita pushed the kickoff back to 8:00 pm.

The game started off with great excitement and the play proved to be worth the wait.  Both teams battled back-and-forth, looking for a crack in each other’s armor.  However, neither team would find a way to score by the half.

Halftime would bring a change of weather though.  An impressive lightning display by Mother Nature would delay the beginning of the second half by thirty minutes.  Once the lightning subsided, the game kicked off to the welcome of the front of the storm.  Heavy wind would play a big factor for the remaining 45 min for both teams.

Much like the first half there was end-to-end action that did not disappoint.  Finally in the 88th minute, Midland-Odessa FC would score from a slotted pass through the box.  The referee would add four extra minutes to the game for stoppages throughout the second half, but it would not be enough to help Wichita get one back.

FCW’s season comes to an end as Midland-Odessa will move on to the next round to face Nashville.

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