FC Wichita had to come from behind to beat Dallas City FC 3-2. Wichita will advance to face Tulsa on Saturday at 7:15 p.m. at Stryker Soccer Complex.

“We put ourselves in a hole with poor defending and decision-making,” Head Coach Steve Ralos said.

Wichita would come out of the start with multiple opportunities within 18 yards, but would not convert until Matt Clare would find the ball at his feet in the fourth minute and put it in the back of the net to make it 1-0 Wichita.

After Wichita’s early goal, Dallas City would start to settle in and play an aggressive counter attack that would confuse the Wichita defenders all night. Off a goal kick from the Dallas City box, the ball would find the striker who was on a full sprint and in one touch chip it over goalkeeper Mark Weir to tie it at one in the 25th minute.

Wichita would have problems with the wind throughout the game, and after some close chances by Dallas, they would strike again before halftime.

In the 44th minute, Dallas City would find the lead after a near-post run that was unmarked by the Wichita defenders and make it 1-2 at the half.

Coach Ralos would use the break to regather the composure the team lacked in the opening half.

“We had a father and son talk at the break, we spoke about the process,” Coach Ralos said.

Being in a deficit, the team would need to come out more confident on the attack and on defense. Regaining the majority of possession, the team would earn a corner kick in the 51st minute. Off the James Togbah corner, the ball would find a Dallas City defender’s hand, and the ref whistled to the spot. Leo Sosa elected to take the penalty kick and just like the previous five on the year, would put it in the net to make it 2-2.

After the score had been tied up, the game was back and forth with both teams earning quality opportunities. Quality soccer was on display for everyone watching, but in the late moments of the match, it would be Wichita who would play heartbreaker.

In the 86th minute, off another corner from James Togbah, Wichita would find the goal to secure the win. As the corner was played back post, in a scrum of players Boris Tonzi would locate the ball on his head then his boot, and would score to make it 3-2 late.

“I just thought about the victory, I scored, but my thoughts are with the injured player,” Tonzi said.

On the goal in the middle of the scrum at the back post, a Dallas City player would go down with a severe leg injury. The injury brought on a 45-minute delay that would require an ambulance that transported him to a nearby hospital.

After the lengthy delay, seven minutes were awarded as stoppage time. During stoppage time, Dallas City found a breakaway but couldn’t chip Weir again, and it would remain 3-2. It would be intense as Wichita was sitting back and waiting for the final whistle.

As the whistle sounded, Wichita would walk out with a 3-2 win.

“We are resilient. We come back from adversity,” Deri Corfe said.

Next up for Wichita is the Heartland Conference finals against Tulsa Athletic on Saturday at 7:15 pm at Stryker Soccer Complex.

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