In a midweek playoff match between the number two Brooklyn Italians and the number three TSF FC, TSF FC came away the victors, winning 1-0.

Both teams went into the match excited for the opportunity to play Elm City for the conference title, with the game having a lively start. Things turned sour for Brooklyn in the fifth minute when left back Dom Falanga misread an aerial ball, which sent a TSF play through on goal. Able to catch up with the player, Falanga attempted a tackle, but also got a lot of the man. With the last man challenge, Falanga was shown a straight red card, and returned to the LIU locker rooms.

With TSF up a man, the game quickly became a chess match. TSF tried to carve out chances, while Brooklyn kept their shape and attacked when they could. The first half ended how it started, 0-0.

Both teams coming out for the second half were ready to take control; the game continued like the first half. Strategic as it could be, both teams sent men forward when they felt the time was right.

The breakthrough finally came off a TSF Corner. Right back Tyler Pinho received a pass and dribbled through few BK Italians defenders and unleashed a thunderous strike that beat keeper Bernardi. Now with the one goal lead, TSF returned to their usual defensive style of play.

The Italians would not play dead, still carving out chances in the last 15 minutes. Although they came knocking, they were never able to find an equalizer. As the final whistle blew, Brooklyn went home thinking what might have been.  With the win, TSF will play Elm City on Saturday night to determine the conference champion.

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