Having only just played each other four days prior in round one of the Portland Derby, both teams came out with their pressure high to fight for the win.  A modified player lineup for both teams from the previous match up gave fits to both sides as it presented an unpredictable game.

Possession was only slightly favored to FCM Portland in the first 15 minutes, but PDX FC had the stronger counter attacks with Nick Evans leading their charge. FCM Portland was able to hold off the attacks with a new back line that was well-synchronized. Both teams utilized the flanks to move upfield quickly.  At the 27th minute mark, FCM Portland made a charge at the PDX FC goal and found themselves getting knocked down just outside the box.  FCM’s Ryo Asai took the free kick and converted, putting FCM up by one, a scoreline which held for the remainder of the half.

The heat of the night along with the pace of the game starts to take its toll on the FCM players so coach Sergio Medel dropped in a few of his Under-18 players to rejuvenate the energy on the field with fresh legs.  PDX FC changed its plan of attack by pressing hard with four to six players on all counter attacks, again led by Nick Evans.  PDX FC created chances at goal and FCM is barely able to hold off the charge, narrowly clearing shots at goal. In the 50th minute, FCM Ryo Asai finds himself alone on the left midfield with his forward Borce Atanasov ready for a run.  Asai slotted a ball just past the PDX FC right back and Borce put another one away to put FCM up 2-0.  More substitutions for FCM seems to make the engine chug a bit and they struggle to regain their rhythm.  PDX FC takes full advantage of the changes of FCM and in the 55th Nick Evans finds the back of the net on a PK conversion from a foul in the box by FCM’s Glapoujay Garmondeh to bring PDX FC back into the game with the score now 2-1.

The PDX FC attacks kept coming at the FCM defense.  The flurry of attacks by PDX paid dividends in the 70th with Gabe Parrish poking one in to tie up the game 2-2.  The FCM defense starts to find their rhythm to keep their goal safe.  Finally in the 95th Luis Galeano of FCM took a hard shot just outside the 18 of PDX.  It is quickly deflected, but 17-year-old Noah Addie returned the deflected shot and buried it in the net to put FCM up 3-2 for the final score.  It was a hard-fought and emotional match for both teams, especially since both were looking for one of two playoff spots.

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