Saturday night was hot in Seattle and OSA FC was on fire. With a few of the usual suspects out due to injury, OSA FC’s up-and-coming coach Paul Aur looked to change things up a bit and going with a 4-3-3 system proved fruitful. OSA’s front three were always looking to get in behind Portland’s FC Mulhouse back line, but it was FCM who managed to sneak one past the keeper first. OSA was clear with their intentions though and leveled the scoreline within minutes off of a clean Matt Shaxton free kick into the top right corner. Beau Blanchard, a real livewire up front, snatched a goal to give OSA the lead before the end of the half. It was still anyone’s game and FCM was a tough competitor, playing a physical game that looked to challenge OSA’s stature.

However, the second half saw FCM grow frustrated and OSA FC solidified their advantage in the wake. The addition of winger Sean Russell brought tenacity and pace to the side and resulted in a great dime to center forward Mori Tsuchiya to cushion OSA’s lead. And with youth came energy in Johnny Reynolds who was eager to prove his worth given the chance at a start. “

It’s great to see Johnny playing with such maturity—I had the chance to coach him as a youth and he’s always shown promise. He’s really coming into his own,” Aur stated with pride.

Reynolds, bagged OSA’s 4th and final goal of the evening, giving him the praises he deserved in a game where he showed talent beyond his years.

OSA FC looks to Spokane Shadow next in a game that means some much needed points in the league table. While Seattle was warm this time around, perhaps it’s just a taste of what’s to come in Spokane.

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