Miami United FC won 3-1 versus Beaches FC at Ted Hendricks Stadium of Hialeah, FL. It was a good result for Miami United to stay in the fight for the second place in the Sunshine Conference table.

Miami United took advantage of the experience of Rambo De Leon to win three points at home and bring happiness to the loyal La 12 fans.

Miami got their first corner at the third minute, since the beginning they showed that they came into this game ready to get three points lead by the experience of former Honduran national team and Serie A player Rambo De Leon.  The corner found Camili in the box, who had a shot that went just wide.  It was a sign that Miami was going to pressure until they found the back of the net.

At the sixth minute, Camili had a one-on-one with the Beaches keeper but his shot went straight to the keeper.

Beaches responded and at the seventh minute, Sakamoto, who was the most insistent player, had a fast counter attack and with a low shot he hit the left lower post.

At the 11th minute, Lucas Da Silva had a one-on-one with Alfaro, but the shot went close to the left post just a few feet away.

Camili had another one-on-one with the Beaches keeper and he hit the ball to the center again; it was an easy save.

Rambo De Leon started connecting better with Matias. At the 24th minute Rambo’s great control of the ball and great passes combined well with Matia’s speed. Matias was able to get a through ball and he finished well to put Miami United 1-0 up in the scoreboard. The game was more entertaining.  Rambo was using his master touch to get all the attention from the defenders in the middle, while Ezequiel Tejera, who usually plays in the middle, was playing on the left side, having much more space and creating more chances for Camili and Matias.

One of these combinations between Tejera and Matias found Camili in the box.  He controlled well and finished with his left foot in the lower left side.  It was 2-0 for Miami United.  Rambo De Leon was being a factor in the game, having great presence and leadership.  The Central American showed why he used to play in Italy’s top league.

In the second half, at the 47th minute, Camili has another one-on-one with the keeper and he hit it soft again; the keeper was able to save the shot with no problem.

At the 60th minute, the game was well-fought in the middle, Beaches FC wanted to react and find a goal, but the Miami center mid was well-handled. After a foul from the middle of the field, Juan Ramirez found a rebound in the box and finished with a well-placed shot in the upper right corner of Alfaro to put the game 2-1.  Beaches kept fighting specially with Sakamoto using his good control of the ball and dribbling.

At the 88 minutes, Nacho was able to tap the ball in after a cross from Santa Maria from the left side and put the final 3-1 on the board.

That was it for the night, Miami United FC won three points to stay in second place in the table.  The next game is on the road on June the 24th at 6:00 pm versus Boca Raton.

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