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The Dakota Fusion opened their second half of the NPSL season against Sioux Falls Thunder. This was the second meeting between the two clubs after their season opener in Sioux Falls, SD on May 13th, which the Fusion won 3-1. The entertaining game started off, and five minutes into the game a scoring opportunity for the Fusion came about.  Forward Akeem Smith (Abidjan, Ivory Coast) was denied a goal line clearance by the Sioux Falls Thunder defender. Following the chance, the Fusion put the foot on the gas in hopes for a scoring chance.  A shot by Zuheer Al-Abase (Baghdad, Iraq) deflected by the Sioux Fall goalkeeper and a follow through by Sunaj Beljuli (Mitrovica, Serbia) forced the Sioux Falls keeper to make a near post save. The Fusion pushed through and their effort was soon rewarded. Fifteen minutes into the game a goal by forward Akeem Smith was made possible by a pass from defender Osman Mberwa (San Diego CA). Soon after the goal, the Thunder applied pressure on the Fusion in hopes of getting a goal. A header from the Sioux Falls forward that went over the bar. The Thunder came close to tying the game with a second chance in the 26th minute when a shot passed wide by the post. The Fusion controlled the game while protecting their lead and the first half came to a close with 1-0 Fusion lead.

The second half began and the Fusion in hopes of extending their lead immediately put the pressure on. And seven minutes into the second half, they capitalized on their chance. A beautiful pass cut through the Sioux Falls defense as Smith set up forward Jade Johnson (Jamestown, ND), who took a touch away from the Sioux Falls keeper and calmly put the ball into the net. As the game went on, Sioux Falls had a chance from a cross that was then headed by their forward. which demanded Fusion goalkeeper Stephen Harris (Lincoln, NC) to make a save. Another scoring chance fell to Sioux Falls in the 67th minute as a shot on goal, but it was again saved by Harris. The Fusion controlled the game in the second half and they came close to increasing their chance in the last few minutes of the game when forward Johnson`s shot just swerved away from the goal and the game ended 2-0 Fusion. This marks the fifth win of the season for the Fusion.

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