Miami United FC tied 1-1 vs Jacksonville Armada U23 at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah, FL. It was a frustrating draw with Miami United playing with a man up since minute 17 of the first half.

In a very entertaining game, Miami United FC tried and tried but was not able to score more than one goal.  At the 7th minute Camilli was already taking his first shot to Armarda’s keeper Fajardo, who had a good night.

Armada didn’t just sit and wait.  They fought hard in the middle and were looking to counter attack any time they had a chance.  Unfortunately for them, at the 17th minute, Miles Mansfield got a red card for a hard slide tackle when he went for a challenge with the studs in front.

Miami United then started pressing higher when they went a man up. Tejera was everywhere in the middle controlling the tempo of the game. By the 20th minute, the game was being played in Armada’s half of the field. At the 21st minute, Nacho had a volley that didn’t hit well; it was an easy shot by Fajardo who had many good saves tonight.

At the 24th minute Matias had a fast breakaway for Miami, he beats the keeper but hit the post with a low shot. Miami kept going at it but they had a tough time finishing. At the 27th minute Rafinha had a left volley that was saved by Fajardo.

Sepiurka was very active during the first 30 minutes, he was in every 50/50, moving everywhere leading the Miami defense.

Armada had a few shots but Alfaro had no problems containing them.

Nacho and Camilli combined for good chances, Fajardo and the defense played an important role all night for Armada.

In the 43rd minute, Miami was almost surprised when Sepiurka tried to pass the ball to the keeper and Armada’s Rosales found himself intercepting the pass having a 1v1 versus Alfaro as Miami’s keeper came up with a big save.

In the second half Miami United started pressuring high looking for the three points. At the 49th minute, the game was being played in Armada’s half of the field. Matias started running the left wing with speed.

After many chances, Miami finally found the back of the net, after a breakaway from Matias left Nacho in front of Fajardo, who saved the shot but Camili came from the left to finish the rebound. Miami was finally on the board after many chances. The game developed into more action because Armada with a man down went out to look for the tie. Miami tried to cool down the game.

At the 76th minute, Armada found the goal through a free kick from the left side. Bethel kicked what everybody though it was a cross, it went around the whole box without anybody touching it and  it found the left corner.  Even Bethel looked surprised that the ball went in.

After the tie, Miami went desperate to look for the winning goal.  Nacho hit the post with a header; Camili had a few good chances but the final touch wasn’t sharp tonight.

Armada held Miami’s attack well, counter attacked when they could, and were happy to get the point with a man down for most of the game.

The next game for Miami United FC is June 10th at Kraze United.

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