TSF FC and Brooklyn Italians Finish in 0-0 Draw

Wednesday night’s game between TSF FC and Brooklyn Italians at LIU Brooklyn was played to a scoreless draw. The contest featured a handful of chances from both sides with each team controlling periods of the game.

Play started a bit slowly, with a handful of early fouls. These accumulated quickly enough to earn each team two yellow cards inside of thirty minutes. The first yellow was handed out to Calvin Carbajal of TSF FC in the 16th minute. He was followed shortly after by Dominick Falanga of Brooklyn during the 18th minute.  Several minutes later TSF’s Tyler Pinho was handed a 25th minute yellow card. Again, just two minutes later the Italian’s Christian Flath was booked in the 27th minute.

Following several yellow cards, play began to pick up when Brooklyn had a shot by Simen Hestnes saved in the 30th minute. They followed this up in the 42nd minute when Rasmus Hansen’s header forced another save out of TSF’s Mateo Zabala.  Almost immediately following, a TSF shot was saved in the 43rd minute of play. Just before halftime, a shot by TSF’s Almir Batista Jr. earned a corner kick, but nothing came of it. Both sides went into halftime locked at zero.

The Italians started the second half with a substitution as Adrien Huss came on to replace Simen Hestnes. This seems to pay off as they earned a corner and free kick in the 52nd and 55th minutes, respectively. This was followed by a series of substitution, with both coaches hoping to take control of the tightly matched contest. TSF FC made their first substitution of the game by swapping Rishi Desai in for Daniel Cordeiro during the 61st minute.  Brooklyn subbed next in the 64th minutes, with Joe Swenson coming in to replace Giuseppe Barone. This was followed up the very next minute with a double substitution for TSF FC. Ritchie Barry joined the game in place of Steve Zamudio while JP Gonzales entered for Calvin Carbajal.

The move to bring Gonzales into the game almost paid off massively when he hammered the crossbar from distance in the 77th minute. Just two minutes later, a potentially pivotal moment occurred when Christian Flath earned his second yellow card of the game.  Despite being down a man, Brooklyn pushed forward leading to a TSF yellow card in the 81st, when Mike Czyrnek was booked.

The final few minutes of the game saw both sides make substiutions in a last effort to find a last minute goal. In the 82nd minute Federico Cubelo replaced James Thristino for the Italians. This was followed by a TSF sub in the 89th minute with Almir Batista Jr. leaving the game and Ali Dawha entering. Shortly after this move, TSF earned a corner in stoppage time, but nothing came from it. A final, last minute switch was made as TSF FC put Eden Gozal on for Rishi Desai. A final corner kick was taken by Brooklyn, and the whistle was blown, ending the game in a 0-0 draw.

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