Two early goals by Jade Johnson and Dakota Fusion was thinking they would reverse their usual slow start of the previous games.  Unfortunately, it was a combination of DFFC defensive errors in the second half and effective defensive tactics by Minnesota TwinStars that cemented the win on the road for the Minneapolis team.

Beginning the second half up 2-0 Dakota Fusion continued to find Johnson on top but he found little room to work and was continually frustrated in his attempts.  The MN TwinStars made adjustments during the half that proved effective against Johnson and the DFFC back line.  In the 56th minute the TwinStars cut the Fusion lead in half and just eight minutes later a PK would tie the game.  It was reserve player Babatunde Oyekan that found space and time to dribble and then slot the ball to the far post past goalkeeper Stephen Harris, who had just entered the game a few minutes before.

Dakota Fusion had two good chances in the waning minutes to bring the game even; the best chance being from Ben Eastwell on a set piece that struck the crossbar in the far corner.  The loss drops DFFC to 3-1 in the North Conference.  Next up, Duluth FC comes to Jim Gotta Stadium on Wednesday, June 7th.

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