Miami United FC Victorious over Kraze United

Miami United FC defeated Kraze United 2-1 Sunday at Ted Hendricks Stadium in Hialeah, Florida. The win took them to the top of the Sunshine Conference table.

With the famous La Doce supporting non-stop all game, Miami United was led by a brace from David Santamaria.   Miami took the field and started pressing high from the very first minute and most of the game was played in Orlando’s half of the field.

At the 10th minute, Christian Buenano started taking over the middle of the field with a through pass to Santamaria, who had a low shot to the left side.  It was saved by the Kraze goalkeeper who sent it out for a corner kick. From that corner, Santamaria headed the ball in to put Miami up 1-0.

At the 29th minute, some physical play in the box caused a penalty to be awarded to Kraze. Ryan Sandridge scored the penalty to tie the game 1-1.

Miami United kept fighting in the middle and dictating the game, but Kraze United’s defense was very organized. Matias Menza was very active through the whole game in the right side for Miami; he was always a threat to Orlando’s left side.

Miami looked very solid on defense with the support of Ezequiel Tejera who was effective as a defensive midfielder.

In the second half Miami United was much more aggressive, always pressuring high and looking for the full three points. At 49th minute, Miami had the first shot of the half, but it went wide. In the 51st Jacopo Camilli had a good chance in front of the keeper, but the shot lacked power and it went straight to the keeper. Miami United kept going at it and in the 53rd, another shot saved by the Kraze keeper and the rebound was also saved. Miami United was serious to trying to win the game, keeping Kraze in their own half.

The game started getting more attacking minded with Kraze United trying to do fast counter attacks. In the 55th minute Kraze had two dangerous crosses, but they were handled by Carlos Alfaro, who had a few saves and was very confident all game.  Simply put, there were no mistakes by Miami’s keeper.

Camilli hit the left post in the 65th minute; this was a sign that Miami was getting closer and closer to get the goal. In the 74th minute, a ball was stolen in the middle, Christian Buenano gives another through ball to Santamaria, who cut to his left side and finished in the lower left corner with a nice shot. That was enough for Miami to get the three points.

Miami United stayed relaxed and started passing the ball around.  On the other hand, Kraze United tried to push up in the last 15 minutes but never had any clear chances.

Santamaria was subbed out in the 81st minute and Thomas Degen came in and had a few chances to finish the game as well.  In the 95th minute, Jose Lara made a beautiful pass to Alejandro Rodriguez, who shot to the goal but the ball hit the lower left post.  It could have been a 3-1 scoreline, but luck was on the side of Kraze United. The three subs, Degen, Lara, and Rodriguez, almost scored two other goals for Miami United.

Miami’s roster is clearly full of talented players, and on Tuesday, May 16th, the team will finally get back Julio Cesar De Leon Dailey, “El Rambo de la Gente”, the famous #10 from Honduras.

It was a good game with few fouls and cards. The next game is on May 17th when Miami United FC is visited by Jacksonville Armada U-23 at 7 pm.

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