FC Carolina United started the match well and dominated play. The Revolution scored against the run of play. From the restart United again dominated and they had a few good chances. Unfortunately, none of them were taken.

In the 20th minute, United was awarded a penalty kick. Fabio Barancoski put the ball down and neatly put it in the left hand corner. Unfortunately it was disallowed for encroachment in the box. Barancoski put the ball down again and neatly finished in the same corner.

FC Carolina United again dominated play, with the Revolution playing a quick counter-attacking game, which was well-defended by the United backline.

In the 32nd minute, United’s Conor Mahar played a great forward ball into the run of Darragh Rainsford, who ran into the box and finished confidently, United took the 2-1 lead. The play continued to flow from end to end until the 42nd minute when a quality free kick from Rainsford hit the crossbar. United retained the 2-1 lead at halftime.

Again from the restart, Carolina dominated play, but missed a few chances. In the 61st minute Carolina made their first substitution, Josiah Baker on for Nate Joseph. Again United dominated the play with Revolution creating a few dangerous counter-attacking chances. In the 90th minute, Demitrio Andrade received a yellow card and was replaced by Vincent Mancino.

The referee announced three minutes of injury time. In the 93rd minute United’s Oscar Laija was given a yellow card and cleared the following free kick for a corner.  United failed to clear the ball, allowing it to bounce in the box and the Revolution were allowed to finish at the back post, bringing the score to 2-2. The final whistle was blown on the restart. FC Carolina United were very unlucky not to get their first win of the season.

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