City of Angels FC Joins the NPSL

The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is proud to announce that City of Angels FC (Los Angeles, CA) has joined the league as an expansion team.  The club will compete in the West Region’s Southwest Conference.

“We are thrilled to see the NPSL brand grow to include the LA market,” NPSL Chairman Joe Barone commented. “We are very excited about the direction of this new club and know that our fans and supporters will remember this day for many years to come.”

The club will be led by PJ Harrison and Joe Sumner.

Harrison is a creative director who has worked with artists including Lauryn Hill and also served as a creative and branding consultant for Everton FC.  Sumner is a musician and tech entrepreneur.

“The purpose of City of Angels FC is to reflect the area and its culture while being a proactive and inspiring part of the city with the local community at its heart and ultimately to provide a club culture the city can be proud of and one that can provide an alternative choice in the world-famous LA sporting landscape,” Harrison said. “There’s a world-class sporting heritage in Los Angeles and we want to write our own chapter.”

More information about the club can be found by visiting

“We know we’ll be starting from modest roots and it’ll take some time to really find what will set this team apart on and off the field, but that’s the great thing about the city of Los Angeles; it quickly shapes every newcomer in a profound way,” Sumner added. “The city has a deep sense of optimism and we want supporters to believe in the future of what this team could be, to become part of it and to help build it.”

Fans and supporters can also follow the club on Twitter (@cityofangelsfc) and Instagram (@cityofangelsfc).

“We’re building a leadership in the club that reflects the best of LA,” Harrison concluded. “People born and bred in LA and people who were pulled towards the excitement and beauty of this city. We’re very happy with the team we have so far and importantly, we’ll seek to continue to add to the membership of this club, whether leadership or grassroots supporters. We just got the ball rolling.  The club belongs to the city now.”

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