Greater Lowell NPSL FC Launches Rebranding Initiative

The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is proud to announce that Greater Lowell NPSL FC has completed a rebranding initiative that will create several changes throughout the club.

A new name, logo, and nickname are key aspects of this announcement.

“It is my hope that the rebranding will allow for transparency,” Owner Andrea Gauntlett commented. “This organization is concerned about the integrity of our players. Our motto ‘Training and Character’ is about them developing their skills on the pitch as well as building their character as individuals.”

The new logo features a new set of colors, gold and black, to go along with the new nickname of the Rough Diamonds, a specific reference to untrained talent.

New social media accounts and a new website are also notable changes for the organization.

“I would like the game day atmosphere to be one of enjoyment and fun for our fans and supporters,” Gauntlett added. “I am planning ahead for that.  Initially the leadership will be just the owner and a head coach. I believe in starting small and growing the organization.”

More information about the club can be found at or by following the team on Twitter (@GLnpslSoccer), Instagram (@greaterlowellnpslfc), and Facebook (

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