Albion SC Pros midfielder Felipe Liborio is a special player, one that can change a game on either side of the ball.  He describes himself as “a fighter on the field” and that certainly seems to match what others say about him.

“Felipe has done a tremendous job for us on the field and in the community,” Albion SC Pros head coach Ziggy Korytoski commented. “He has been a true professional from day one; he is humble, hard-working, and I don’t think he even realizes yet his true potential.  There is no question in my mind that he is capable of playing for an MLS team in our country.  He has the athleticism, technical ability, and work rate that will allow him to succeed at the highest level.  We are fortunate to have him and appreciate all he does as a part of the Albion culture.”

Liborio is also known for his versatility, excelling as both an attacking and defensive midfielder.  His strength, athleticism, and vision make him the perfect player. He was ever-present in the Albion lineup, helping lead the team through an impressive inaugural season.  Everyone has been impressed by what he could do.

“He’s a worker, a grinder,” Korytoski added. “He has the ability to take over a game at any moment.  He has good range of distribution, can score goals, and can set up others.  His energy is second to none and he breaks up plays well before they become an issue.  He is tactically versatile and has played in a number of different roles for us.”

He has already made a difference in the Southwest Conference, tallying five goals and four assists for Albion en route to becoming one of the top players in the region.  Liborio is quite pleased with what he and his team accomplished.

“Looking back I feel that we had an amazing season, staying undefeated and winning the conference. My best favorite moment of last season was being part of such a great team.”

Now Liborio is being asked to take his game to the next level, competing against players from all over the country at the 2017 NPSL Player Showcase.  He has been looking forward to the opportunity.

“Becoming a professional has been my dream since I was 12 years old.  It feels great to be able to fulfill my goal and I am ready to make it happen.”

He’ll be making the short trip from San Diego to Carson this weekend, but it will be one of the most important journeys he has ever made.  All of his hard work and talent will finally be put to the test in front of dozens of scouts, coaches, and agents.

It’s going to be a great test, but Liborio is certainly up to the challenge thanks to a strong foundation provided by his team and league.

“The NPSL provided me with great opportunities to become a better and stronger player and be ready for the next level.”

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