NPSL Supporters’ XI Announced

The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is proud to announce the 2016 NPSL Supporters’ XI.  The NPSL Supporters’ XI is an all-league team voted on by the NPSL’s fans and supporters. Online voting took place from July 24th – July 27th. The award includes First Team, Second Team, and Honorable Mention. Each team consists of a goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders, and three forwards.


First Team

GK Gregory Hartley, Chattanooga FC

D Jake Young, Chattanooga FC

D Jon Finlay, Chattanooga FC

D Nikkye De Point, Rochester River Dogz

D Sindre Welo, Chattanooga FC

M Juan Hernandez, Chattanooga FC

M Matthew Aldred, Chattanooga FC

M Gianluca Cuomo, Rochester River Dogz

F Luke Winter, Chattanooga FC

F Matt Clare, Albion SC Pros

F Dave Leung, Tulsa Athletics


Second Team

GK Anthony Flowers, AFC Cleveland

D Soren Yuhaschek, Chattanooga FC

D Terence Smith, Tulsa Athletics

D Tony Deakin, Grand Rapids FC

D Coletun Long, AFC Cleveland

M Samuel Goni, Chattanooga FC

M Rafael Godoi, Rochester River Dogz

M David Edwardson, Detroit City FC

F Scott Doney, Grand Rapids FC

F Eric Lopez, North County Battalion

F Simon Rawnsley, CD Aguiluchos USA


Honorable Mention

GK Enrique Orozco, FC Indiana

D Kyle McTurk, New York Cosmos B

D Nicholas “Ebby” Lombardi, Sonoma County Sol

D Sebastian Harris, Detroit City FC

D Peter Brown, Grand Rapids FC

M Felipe Liborio, Albion SC Pros

M Nelson Pizarro, North County Battalion

M Orrin Farrell, Dutch Lions FC NPSL

F Diego “Toluca” Lopez, Sonoma County Sol

F Leo De Smedt, Jacksonville Armada

F Maximiliano Garcia, New Jersey Copa FC

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