The game started off very high energy from both sides.  Having met before the two teams wasted no time feeling each other out and went for the jugular.  Both team’s goalkeepers would immediately have a massive impact on the game as each had to prove their worth early on multiple times.  Although the scored remained tied at zero upon the halftime whistle, it wouldn’t stay that way for long.

One minute into the second half an intentional hand ball to deny a goal, by Shreveport midfielder Mark Hammond, would not only give FC Wichita a penalty kick but a man advantage for the remainder of the match.  Once again the Shreveport keeper came up big and saved the penalty kick, but the referees deemed that he had moved far too early and awarded a retake.  The second time around Kevin Ten Eyck left no doubt by smashing the ball in to the upper right corner of the goal.

As the game continued it was evident that FCW would maintain the lion’s share of possession and offensive opportunities.  That was made very evident by a commanding run with the ball by FCW’s Max Touloute, who created his own space with some tidy footwork and tucked the ball in the lower corner and doubled FCW’s lead.

Holding nothing back in this playoff game, Shreveport pushes everyone forward, including their keeper, on a set piece in the 90th minute.  The ball was played in and FCW keeper Mark Weir collected the ball out of the air.  Seeing that there was an empty net on the other end of the field Mark quickly prepared to punt the ball as far as he could.  With a 15 mph crosswind to contend with, Weir struck the ball perfectly and connected with the other goal’s net some 90 yards away.

After the ball was placed on the center dot the referee ended the game; the final score was 3-0 to FC Wichita.

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