Coming from Sao Paulo, Brazil, midfielder Fabio Pereira was used to being surrounded by success.

Hailing from the most successful country in history in terms of international soccer, Pereira plied his trade at the University of Michigan for four seasons, which saw him go down in Wolverine history as one of the greatest players the program has ever seen.

Finishing his career No. 2 in program history in assists, ninth in goals and the all-time leader in shots, Pereira was due for a career in the MLS.

Fortunately for him the Seattle Sounders were intrigued, and selected the 22-year-old 77th overall in the MLS SuperDraft.

Although Pereira has yet to make an appearance for the club, he said his experience with the team has been great so far.

“It’s been awesome, the group has been fairly welcoming,” Pereira said in a phone interview. “It’s really good to train with those guys, some of the top guys in the league, and just getting better everyday and looking forward to making the team soon.”

But although he shown as a star with Michigan, and during his stint with Detroit City FC, he said playing in the professional leagues is a different monster entirely.

“The quality of it all, every guy is sharp. In college obviously you had some good players but it’s not everyone that wants to play professional, it’s there job at the end of the day so its a little more serious,” Pereira said. “In the same side, it’s just soccer at the end of the day, so it’s been great, I’m loving it.”

Pereira stood out during his time with Detroit City FC, and even though he has moved on from the club, he said he remembers the team and fans fondly.

“It was great, they have really great fan support, it was good. It was definitely a good time, it was also good to play there for my last college season. I think Detroit City is growing and hopefully soon enough they’re going to be a pro team as well.”

Even though he has yet to make an appearance with the Sounders since being drafted this year, Pereira is not letting that get him down.  He said his ultimate goal is to continue to grow as a player, even if he doesn’t get the chance to play regularly.

“For me the biggest goal right now it just to try to improve little by little.”

Photo Credit: Detroit City FC

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