Business Partners

Business Partners

To be considered as a league business partner, please contact Dina Case, NPSL Director of Membership Development, at


Official Match Ball of the NPSL

SELECT was founded in 1947 by Denmark’s national football goalkeeper at the time, Eigil Nielsen. He revolutionized the market, particularly at the start of the 1960s, by developing a football consisting of 32 fields – and in the 1970s a handball also with 32 fields. What was considered innovation back then continues to be the fundamental structure of our modern balls today, all over the world. With a production of over three million balls a year, and with exports to more than 50 countries, SELECT is one of the world’s leading companies in this field, and is both proud and passionate to be continuing Eigil Nielsen’s revolution.

World Sport Action

Official Competition, Technology, and Club Services Partner of the NPSL

Established in March 2019, WSA has made a profound impact on the Australian soccer scene.  Its unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer-centric solutions has earned the trust of numerous soccer organizations worldwide.  Building on its success in Australia, WSA marked a significant international milestone in March 2023 with the establishment of an office in Colorado, focusing on soccer development and support in the United States.

Having secured a substantial market share and solidified its position as an industry leader, WSA is now extending its collaborative reach to the global soccer community.  Drawing upon invaluable insights from stakeholders and conducting a rigorous assessment of existing platforms, WSA is dedicated to delivering a user-friendly, innovative, cost-effective, highly scalable, and robust solution that simplifies the entire soccer participation experience.

WSA’s groundbreaking advancements in soccer technology promise to reshape the future of the sport, fostering a more connected, efficient, and enjoyable soccer experience for players, coaches, administrators, and the entire soccer community.

Please visit for more information about WSA and its innovative solutions.

Capelli Sport

Preferred Uniform & Apparel Partner of the NPSL

Capelli Sport was born in 2011 in New York City. We are an innovative brand that designs, produces and markets sport and lifestyle products for men, women and youth with a strong focus on team sports, particularly soccer. In addition, we focus on ensuring our products maintain the highest quality of athletic performance, yet are affordable at all price ranges. Our dedication to inspire athletes at any level, and to enhance the quality and look of our products with competitive pricing is what drives the Capelli Sport brand. We want our athletes to feel powerful wearing our performance gear, and feel supported by the brand they wear in all their athletic endeavors. We are more than a brand: Capelli Sport is a family. We are committed to the sport, the athlete and the product.


Preferred Ticketing Partner of the NPSL

Passage powers all of your ticketing and payments, both online and at-the-door, AND helps you find new fans! Stop worrying about a different vendor for every different place you want to sell something. Passage handles tickets, merchandise, concessions and anything else you can dream up. Online, you’ll have a gorgeous soccer-focused event page or the option to embed ticketing right on your website, and at-the-door you’ll have access to the Passage Manager App for checking in fans and selling at-the-door. The platform is packed with pro features: GA/sectional OR assigned seating, ticket bundles, season passes, flex-passes, virtual queues, merchandise up-sells, the fastest ticket scanning available, and much more. But don’t be intimidated: our concierge-style support is there to help you every step of the way, or even set up your entire schedule for you!

Global Scarves

Preferred Fan Merchandise Partner of the NPSL

As the premier provider of top quality fan gear, Global Scarves provides teams and fan bases with excellent quality soccer scarves, beanies, socks, blankets, and more. All of this gear is sourced using the highest quality materials in Europe, and can be used to not only elevate a club’s brand, but build a connection with fans, sponsors, and more. Global Scarves is the full package, offering free design services for all products, and we handle production and ship the product to wherever you may need it.

Activate Canopy

Preferred Matchday Branding Partner of the NPSL

Activate Canopy has quickly become the new “go to” for soccer branding. They have taken the regular custom canopy business and created the best new system using technology, supply chain, and good old-fashioned sales ability to create a better buying experience. The cornerstone of their success is offering firsthand experience in the design and execution of events of all sizes, as well as a lifetime warranty on all products they sell.


Preferred Turf Partner of the NPSL

A-Turf fields are built strong for maximum performance and last an industry-leading 13+ seasons with unlimited use. All of our materials are made and assembled in the USA and surpass the most stringent industry safety standards.

Our Titan S-50 is our soccer-specific system. And as you know, with soccer – it’s all about ball control, bounce, and roll.

The Titan S-50 system is designed to replicate a natural grass field in pristine condition. Regardless of playing style, you want a synthetic turf soccer field that provides optimal consistency and performance.  Whether it’s hot and humid or wet and frigid — the Titan S-50 delivers grass-like playability for professional and youth-level soccer.

Contact us at 888-777-6910 to learn more about the Titan S-50 system or to arrange to visit an A-Turf Soccer Field.


Preferred Talent Management Partner of the NPSL

Welcome to N-LITE, your partner in redefining talent optimization and streamlining club management. As the NPSL Preferred Talent Management Partner, we offer tailored solutions designed to elevate performance on and off the field, allowing clubs to focus on developing athletes and achieving success.

Our solution is built upon our 5 Pillars:

  • Talent Optimization: Maximize individual potential through data-driven insights and tailored development strategies. Our platform empowers athletes, coaches, and clubs with customizable plans, comprehensive analytics, and actionable insights, aligning player goals with club objectives for continuous improvement.
  • Assessments: Effective talent management begins with robust assessment
    frameworks. Our tailored tools offer customizable templates, real-time analysis, and personalized feedback, enabling informed decisions that drive player development and team success.
  • Club Management: Simplify organizational tasks and enhance efficiency with our intuitive platform. From player registration to financial management, N-LITE provides comprehensive tools that streamline operations, allowing clubs to focus more on talent development and team building.
  • Recruitment: Discover and attract top talent with advanced scouting features, customizable player profiles, and direct communication channels. Build  competitive rosters aligned with long-term goals and objectives.
  • Camp Management: Enhance the camp experience for administrators and
    participants with intuitive tools for registration, communication, and payment
    processing. Create memorable experiences that promote growth and development for all involved.

Experience the difference today and take your organization to new heights with N-LITE. For more on N-LITE, book a demo. Email or call 703-691-6094.