Disciplinary Report


For further information, please reference the NPSL Disciplinary Code. Questions should be directed to Paul Scott at pscott@npsl.com

Suspension Codes:
  • 2CT = Receiving a second caution in the same match
  • DOGSO-F = Denying a goal scoring opportunity by fouling
  • DOGSO-H = Denying a goal scoring opportunity by handling
  • SFP = Serious foul play
  • VC = Violent conduct
  • AL = Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures
  • S = Spitting
  • IB = Irresponsible behavior
  • RAB = Referee Abuse
  • RA = Referee Assault
  • PC = Public criticism
  • YCA = Yellow Card Accumulation
AS OF 2021/03/31
Gerardo MendozaNapa Valley 1839 FC2020/03/082CT1 game1 game remaining
Jorge LuisNapa Valley 1839 FC2020/03/082CT1 game1 game remaining
Noah MabraTemecula FC2020/03/07VC2 games2 games remaining
Hugo Nicolas RobertAS Los Angeles2020/02/29DGF1 game1 game remaining
Lorenzo La VioletteAS Los Angeles2020/02/29S2 games2 games remaining
Tristan JumeauMed City FC2019/07/16IB1 game1 game remaining
William PerkinsDetroit City FC2019/07/21VC2 games2 games remaining
Thomas BeckCleveland SC2019/07/21VC2 games1 game remaining
Joseph GlosFC Baltimore2019/07/21VC2 games2 games remaining
Khalid BalogunFC Baltimore2019/07/21SFP1 game1 game remaining
Ignacio MillaMed City FC2019/07/16AL2 games2 games remaining
Max WilscheyChattanooga FC2019/07/16AL7 games7 games remaining
Jordan DunstanChattanooga FC2019/07/16VC2 games2 games remaining
Jeremy LucasPittsburgh Hotspurs2019/07/132CT1 game1 game remaining
George StannardErie Commodores2019/07/132CT1 game1 game remaining
Joseph BellErie Commodores2019/07/13DGF1 game1 game remaining
Nicolas HelinDemize NPSL2019/07/13VC1 game1 game remaining
Gabriel Patat (manager)Naples United FC2019/07/10IB2 games2 games remaining
Carlos Adducci (coach)Naples United FC2019/07/10IB4 games4 games
Victoriano FragolaNaples United FC2019/07/10DGF1 game1 game remaining
Sebastian VergaraNaples United FC2019/07/102CT1 game1 game remaining
Fatoma TurayPhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/07/06IB2 games2 games remaining
Samba KoromaPhiladelphia Lone Star FC2019/07/062CT1 game1 game remaining
Peterson OccenatMiami United FC2019/07/06RA2 years2 years remaining
Tom Bar YosefMichigan Stars FC2019/07/05VC2 games1 game remaining
Kevin BlackwoodClolumbus FC2019/07/05VC2 games1 game remaining
Ramin AmindariOrange County FC2019/07/03SFP1 game1 game remaining
Kristian SaraviaAS Los Angeles2019/07/03VC2 games2 games remaining
Walter CalderonAtlantic City FC2019/07/02VC2 games2 games remaining
Karl Pierre-mesniereTyler FC2019/06/30YCA1 game1 game remaining
James RossRiverside Coras2019/06/30DGF1 game1 game remaining
Isaac KehsonDakota Fusion FC2019/06/30VC2 games1 game remaining
Edwin SanchezEast Bay Stompers2019/06/292CT1 game1 game remaining
Dean HakimEast Bay Stompers2019/06/29DGF1 game1 game remaining
Howard Miller JrClub Atletico Saint Louis2019/06/262CT3 games1 game remaining
Devy Desiree (coach)Tyler FC2019/06/23IB3 games1 game remaining