Disciplinary Report


For further information, please reference the NPSL Disciplinary Code. Questions should be directed to Paul Scott at pscott@npsl.com

Suspension Codes:
  • 2CT = Receiving a second caution in the same match
  • DOGSO-F = Denying a goal scoring opportunity by fouling
  • DOGSO-H = Denying a goal scoring opportunity by handling
  • SFP = Serious foul play
  • VC = Violent conduct
  • AL = Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures
  • S = Spitting
  • IB = Irresponsible behavior
  • RAB = Referee Abuse
  • RA = Referee Assault
  • PC = Public criticism
  • YCA = Yellow Card Accumulation
AS OF 2022/07/25
David Pekarek (coach)FC Motown2022/08/06IB3 games +$50 fine3 games + $50 fine remaining
Jannis SchmidtCleveland SC2022/07/242CT1 game1 game remaining
Chris CveckoCleveland SC2022/07/242CT2 games2 games remaining
Joel QuashieTulsa Athletic2022/07/202CT1 gameServed
Damani HarrisTulsa Athletic2022/07/202CT/RAB3 games1 game remaining
Marcelo GonzalezNaples United FC2022/07/202CT1 game1 game remaining
Alexandros IeridesJacksonville Armada FC U-232022/07/202CT2 games1 games remaining
Philip D'AmicoCentral Florida Panthers SC2022/07/17DGF1 game1 game remaining
Abdel NaitOKC 1889 FC2022/07/162CT/RAB3 games3 games remaining
Daniel BuitragoEl Farolito2022/07/16VC3 games2 games remaining
Manolo PinaSacramento Gold FC2022/07/16VC2 games2 games remaining
Jorge RadillaJoy St. Louis Park2022/07/162CT1 game1 game remaining
Christopher WelshNorthern Virginia United2022/07/16VC2 games2 games remaining
Oluwatobi JosephAlexandria Reds2022/07/16VC2 games1 game remaining
Preston RushmoreElectric City Shock FC2022/07/152CT1 game1 game remaining
Dean McConnellDemize NPSL2022/07/142CT1 game1 game remaining
Iolo JonesGeorgia Revolution FC2022/07/13VC2 games2 game remaining
AlexNyarko HarlleyGeorgia Revolution FC2022/07/13AL4 games4 games remaining
Sidney WardenErie Commodores2022/07/102CT1 gameServed
Andrew BennettErie Commodores2022/07/10DGF1 gameServed
Jakob MohrlokJoy St. Louis Park2022/07/092CT2 games1 game remaining
Juan ValienteMiami Dutch Lions FC2022/07/092CT1 game1 game remaining
Fabio PodmelleMiami Dutch Lions FC2022/07/092CT1 game1 game remaining
Carlos SantamariaDenton Diablos FC2022/07/092CT1 game1 game remaining
Edgar GuzmanPanathinaikos Chicago2022/07/092CT3 games3 games remaining
Dionissios Chronopoulos (coach)Panathinaikos Chicago2022/07/09IB4 game stadium ban4 game stadium ban remaining
Robert RyersonFC Frederick2022/07/09SFP1 gameServed
Santiago NaliatoGrove Soccer United2022/07/092CT1 game1 game remaining
Matias DanielMed City FC2022/07/092CT1 gameServed
Edward DakwaAFC Mobile2022/07/09DGF1 game1 game remaining
Omar Temes LandaMagia FC2022/07/09VC2 games2 games remaining
Enrique GomezMagia FC2022/07/092CT1 game1 game remaining
Sunflower State FCSunflower State FC2022/07/09IB$100 fine$100 fine remaining
Ope ObakinSunflower State FC2022/07/09AL2 games1 game remaining
Nicholas McDonaldSunflower State FC2022/07/092CT2 games1 game remaining
Kenny Mayer (coach)Sunflower State FC2022/07/09AL1 gameServed
Gideon BaahFC Motown2022/07/08AL2 gamesServed
Scott Kindzierski (owner)FC Motown2022/07/08AL1 game stadium banServed
Aaron Weaver (coach)FC Motown2022/07/08IB1 gameServed
Ander CastilloFC Buffalo2022/07/08VC2 games1 game remaining
Luan Bressy BarbosaTorch FC2022/07/072CT2 games2 games remaining
Jordan McMillanNorthern Virginia United2022/07/06YCA1 gameServed
Ethan BonaparteOKC 1889 FC2022/07/06YCA1 gameServed
Evan PaezAlexandria Reds2022/07/06YCA1 gameServed
Christopher BarnardAlexandria Reds2022/07/06YCA1 gameServed
Erwin RegulesLaredo Heat SC2022/07/062CT1 gameServed
Johnny HartFC Monmouth2022/07/06VC2 games2 games remaining
Matteo JerneeAtlantic City FC2022/07/06VC2 games2 games remaining
Jacob BivensGeorgia Storm SA2022/07/02IB1 gameServed
Josh Bivens (coach)Georgia Storm SA2022/07/02IB1 game minimumPending
Andrew BeasleyFlorida Roots2022/07/02YCA1 gameServed
Nevado ElliottFC Buffalo2022/07/02YCA1 gameServed
Toby MillwardMed City FC2022/06/25YCA1 gameServed
Maxwell ElliottInternational Portland Select FC2022/07/03AL1 gameServed
Marcos VilledaNorthern Virginia United2022/07/02YCA1 gameServed
Christopher WelshNorthern Virginia United2022/07/02YCA1 gameServed
Isami TakeuchiGeorgia Storm SA2022/07/02YCA1 gameServed
Gerson RamirezLSA Athletico Lanier2022/07/02YCA1 gameServed
Dawson PalomarCF10 Houston FC2022/07/02YCA1 gameServed
Iolo JonesGeorgia Revolution FC2022/07/02YCA1 gameServed
Mamadou DialloFC Columbus2022/07/02YCA1 gameServed
Mitar MitrovicLubbock Matadors2022/07/022CT1 gameServed
Wilfried Kamdem TchoupaGeorgia Storm SA2022/07/022CT1 gameServed
Roberto Diaz FernandezCorinthians SC of San Antonio2022/07/02DGF1 gameServed
Camnagha NamusseValeo FC2022/07/022CT1 gameServed
Abdul BarrieValeo FC2022/07/022CT1 gameServed
Sky Charley-BlyardFC Buffalo2022/07/022CT1 gameServed
Trevor Jones (manager)Erie Commodores2022/07/02IB1 gameServed
Damani CamaraFC Columbus2022/07/02SFP1 gameServed
Matthew Curtin (coach)Alexandria Reds2022/07/02IB1 gameServed
Joshua ThackerOSA Seattle FC2022/06/30AL1 game1 game remaining
Mamadou LeighOSA Seattle FC2022/06/30VC2 games2 games remaining
Adama KanteOSA Seattle FC2022/06/30AL1 game1 game remaining
Erick ArvizuOSA Seattle FC2022/06/30AL1 game1 game remaining
Juan Pablo Murillo (coach)OSA Seattle FC2022/06/30VC2 games2 games remaining
Esequiel ColonelLas Vegas Legends FC2022/06/30AL4 games3 games remaining
Dylan SumnerErie Commodores2022/06/30YCA1 gameServed
Bosco PeryTallahassee SC2022/06/29YCA1 gameServed
Luciano GalizzaNew Orleans Jesters2022/06/29YCA1 gameServed
Tre BonaparteDakota Fusion FC2022/06/29YCA1 gameServed
FC MotownFC Motown2022/06/25IB$100 fine$125 fine remaining
Carl Reynolds (coach)Southern States SC2022/06/292CT1 gameServed
William PortmanAkron City FC2022/06/292CT1 gameServed
Tomas RitondaleMiami United FC2022/06/292CT1 gameServed
Lucas VillarrealMiami United FC2022/06/29RA1 game minimumPending
Robertino InsuaMiami United FC2022/06/29RAB4 games2 games remaining
Juan Marco ArpinoMiami United FC2022/06/29SFP/RAB4 games2 games remaining
Cole CecconiCentral Florida Panthers SC2022/06/292CT1 gameServed
Andres Lagos VerdugaLC Aris FC2022/06/292CT1 gameServed
Carson HickokPensacola FC2022/06/25IB3 gamesServed
Vince MccoyMagia FC2022/06/26VC3 games1 game remaining
Karim Peterson-DarbakiMinnesota TwinStars FC2022/06/25YCA1 gameServed
Samuel RichardsErie Commodores2022/06/26YCA1 gameServed
Jed BowmanJacksonville Armada FC U-232022/06/25YCA1 gameServed
Owen SmithCarpathia FC2022/06/25YCA1 gameServed
Hakeem ReidSouthern States SC2022/06/25YCA1 gameServed
Cristobal MoralesLC Aris FC2022/06/25YCA1 gameServed
Marx MoraFort Worth Vaqueros2022/06/25YCA1 gameServed
Bennett MitchellTallahassee SC2022/06/25YCA1 gameServed
Matthew McGonigleHartford City FC2022/06/25YCA1 gameServed
Federico Gutierrez LosadaMiami United FC2022/06/25YCA1 gameServed
Jack EdwardsClub Atletico Saint Louis2022/06/25YCA1 gameServed
Kyle CarrSouthern States SC2022/06/25YCA1 gameServed
Ousman CeesayMinnesota TwinStars FC2022/06/25DGF1 gameServed
Alejandro Aguilar (coach)FC Arizona2022/06/25AL/RAB3 games1 game remaining
Tyler JohnCrossfire Redmond2022/06/25AL/RAB3 gamesServed
Jacob FitzgeraldFC Arizona2022/06/252CT1 gameServed
Demarco AndrewsFC Columbus2022/06/252CT1 gameServed
Tomas CasavillaMiami United FC2022/06/25SFP3 gamesServed
José Luis Villarreal (coach)Miami United FC2022/06/25IB3 games1 game remaining
Brandon Martinez-TrellesIrving FC2022/06/25VC2 gamesServed
Nicholas ArenareIrving FC2022/06/25AL1 gameServed
Daniel Harmon (coach)Philadelphia Ukrainians Nationals2022/06/25IB1 gameServed
David Pekarek (coach)FC Motown2022/06/25IB3 gamesServed
Lamoy GrahamNew Orleans Jesters2022/06/25IB2 gamesServed
Eddie ChoeNew Orleans Jesters2022/06/252CT1 gameServed
Tucker MannJoy St. Louis Park2022/06/25DGF1 gameServed
Salvador NunezFC Milwaukee Torrent2022/06/252CT1 gameServed
Nicholas SchimbenoWest Chester United SC2022/06/252CT1 gameServed
Nicholas McDonaldSunflower State FC2022/06/252CT1 gameServed
Hector CasillasLas Vegas Legends FC2022/06/25AL1 gameServed
Julio BorjasLas Vegas Legends FC2022/06/25SFP2 gamesServed
Nebiu KinfuOakland SC2022/06/25AL2 games2 games remaining
Michael Muniz (coach)Oakland SC2022/06/25RA1 game minimumPending
Bryan CancholaOakland SC2022/06/25AL1 game1 game remaining
Michael MallonFC Monmouth2022/06/22YCA1 gameServed
Bennett KouameJoy St. Louis Park2022/06/22YCA1 gameServed
Andres Lagos VerdugaLC Aris FC2022/06/22YCA1 gameServed
Noah KantorowiczJoy St. Louis Park2002/06/22AL1 gameServed
Ted KroetenJoy St. Louis Park2022/06/22IB3 games1 game remaining
David RieraJoy St. Louis Park2022/06/22VC2 gamesServed
Gabriel PellegrinoPanathinaikos Chicago2022/06/22DGF1 gameServed
Dionissios Chronopoulos (coach)Panathinaikos Chicago2022/06/22AL1 gameServed
Ernesto Aguinaga (coach)Panathinaikos Chicago2022/06/22AL1 gameServed
Jeremy PartoniCedar Stars2022/06/18SFP1 gameServed
Paul YoungFirst State FC2022/06/19YCA1 gameServed
Kevin AlarconFort Worth Vaqueros2022/06/182CT1 gameServed
Miguel TizapaNorth Alabama SC2022/06/18YCA1 gameServed
Brayan VillarrealCedar Stars2022/06/18YCA1 gameServed
Gonzalo RiveroNaples United FC2022/06/18YCA1 gameServed
Jonathan HarrisReign FK2022/06/17YCA1 gameServed
Damani HarrisTulsa Athletic2022/06/11YCA1 gameServed
Patrick GuffeyNorth Alabama SC2022/06/18YCA1 gameServed
Michael Carreon Jr.FC Milwaukee Torrent2022/06/18YCA1 gameServed
Justin GuestGeorgia Revolution FC2022/06/18SFP1 gameServed
Jack Marchant (coach)Georgia Revolution FC2022/06/18IB3 gameServed
Kheider GonzalezLSA Athletico Lanier2022/06/18DGF1 gameServed
Jorge RadillaJoy St. Louis Park2022/06/182CT1 gameServed
Ryan KolonickAkron City FC2022/06/182CT1 gameServed
Brian AguirrePanathinaikos Chicago2022/06/182CT1 gameServed
Ibrahima NdawAFC Mobile2022/06/182CT1 gameServed
Diego CandiaAFC Mobile2022/06/18VC2 gamesServed
Jack LeonardFirst State FC2022/06/182CT1 gameServed
Ilijah PaulCrossfire Redmond2022/06/18AL1 gameServed
Jack BearCrossfire Redmond2022/06/18VC2 gamesServed
Scott Middleton (coach)International Portland Select FC2022/06/18IB1 gameServed
Cody GuthrieInternational Portland Select FC2022/06/182CT1 gameServed
Mustafa HasanClub Atletico Saint Louis2022/06/18AL1 gameServed
Ty JohnsonGrove Soccer United2022/06/18DGF1 gameServed
Nyasha DubeArkansas Wolves FC2022/06/15YCA1 gameServed
Vinicius De OliveiraTulsa Athletic2022/06/11SFP1 gameServed
Restin KabambalaPensacola FC2022/06/15YCA1 gameServed
Carson HickokPensacola FC2022/06/15YCA1 gameServed
San-Rabens PierreTallahassee SC2022/06/152CT1 gameServed
Jack BratcherReign FK2022/06/152CT1 gameServed
Carson HickokPensacola FC2022/06/152CT1 gameServed
Dionissios Chronopoulos (coach)Panathinaikos Chicago2022/06/14IB1 gameServed
Gabriel PellegrinoPanathinaikos Chicago2022/06/142CT1 gameServed
Ricardo MendozaCoyotes FC2022/06/14SFP1 gameServed
Isaac PimentaDemize NPSL2022/06/112CT1 gameServed
Gabriel Villafane VidalFlorida Roots2022/06/12YCA1 gameServed
Dylan SumnerErie Commodores2022/06/122CT1 gameServed
Stephen BivensGeorgia Storm SA2022/06/112CT1 gameServed
Axel RamirezFC Davis2022/06/112CT1 gameServed
Jakob MohrickJoy St. Louis Park2022/06/11YCA1 gameServed
Jonathan KajibwamiTallahassee SC2022/06/112CT1 gameServed
Jadel CarterValeo FC2022/06/112CT1 gameServed
Juan CairoCF10 Houston FC2022/06/112CT1 gameServed
Riley AarboSioux Falls Thunder FC2022/06/11AL1 gameServed
Thomas StickleyCedar Stars2022/06/112CT1 gameServed
Christopher WalterFC Buffalo2022/06/10AL1 gameServed
Jordan AraujoFC Buffalo2022/06/10VC2 gamesServed
Juan RomeroLaredo Heat SC2022/06/09YCA1 gameServed
Jackson MillionSunflower State FC2022/06/09VC2 gamesServed
Nicholas McDonaldSunflower State FC2022/06/09AL2 gamesServed
Hazem SobhyTorch FC2022/06/08YCA1 gameServed
Maruki KawaharaElectric City Shock FC2022/06/08YCA1 gameServed
Michael GallagherCrossfire Redmond2022/06/08DGF1 gameServed
Joey ZalinskyJackson Lions FC2022/06/082CT1 gameServed
Kevin KappockJackson Lions FC2022/06/08VC2 gamesServed
Tate RichardsAFC Mobile2022/06/082CT1 gameServed
Jafaar AbdulrahmanMinnesota TwinStars FC2022/06/08VC2 gamesServed
Abduselam RegassaMinneapollis City SC2022/06/08VC2 gamesServed
Arthur ParensMinneapollis City SC2022/06/08AL1 gameServed
Marcelo GonzalezNaples United FC2022/06/072CT1 gameServed
Davis EdwardsFlorida Roots2022/06/05SFP1 gameServed
Fatoma Turay (coach)Philadelphia Lone Star2022/06/05IB/AL3 games +$500 fineServed
Jaden WrightAkron City FC2022/06/05YCA1 gameServed
Andres SolaresDuluth FC2022/06/05YCA1 gameServed
Rashawn KellmanAppalachian FC2022/06/05YCA1 gameServed
Liam HealeyAppalachian FC2022/06/05YCA1 gameServed
Daniel EscorciaIrving FC2022/06/05YCA1 gameServed
Toby GowerErie Commodores2022/06/04VC2 gamesServed
San-Rabens PierreTallahassee SC2022/06/04DGF1 gameServed
Martin CanavatiCorinthians SC of San Antonio2022/06/04SFP1 gameServed
Joren SantanaNorthern Virginia United2022/06/042CT1 gameServed
Ryan PetersonFC Motown2022/06/042CT1 gameServed
Chase MillsPensacola FC2022/06/02SFP1 gameServed
Richard BushmeisterFlorida Roots2022/06/02SFP1 gameServed
Kaffie KurzD. Case; to serve 7/23, served 7/23, no games remain to serve next season, team notified 7/172022/06/02SFP1 gameServed
William PortmanAkron City FC2022/05/30YCA1 gameServed
Anthony RolandGrove Soccer United2022/06/012CT1 gameServed
Devin VegaAustin United FC2022/06/012CT1 gameServed
Nick SmithPittsburgh Hotspurs2022/05/28DGH1 gameServed
Pedro RodríguezCoyotes FC2022/05/28VC2 gamesServed
Jorginho JamesCF10 Houston FC2022/05/28VC2 gamesServed
Daniel AbreuCF10 Houston FC2022/05/28AL/RA5 gamesServed
Abdi SomowSyracuse FC2022/05/272CT1 gameServed
Cameron VictorAkron City FC2022/05/272CT1 gameServed
Sergio Fernandez ArangoFC Buffalo2022/05/27VC2 gamesServed
Edson SilvaFC Brownsville2022/05/26VC2 gamesServed
Abdel NaitOKC 1889 FC2022/05/21IB 1 gameServed
Marcos VilledaNorthern Virginia United2022/05/222CT1 gameServed
Julian GomezFC Arizona2022/05/22AL1 gameServed
William AfawuboPittsburgh Hotspurs2022/05/222CT1 gameServed
Nevado ElliottFC Buffalo2022/05/222CT1 gameServed
Justin KuceraFort Worth Vaqueros2022/05/21DGF1 gameServed
Robert AmaroSioux Falls Thunder FC2022/05/212CT1 gameServed
Vukota MastilovicJoy St. Louis Park2022/05/212CT1 gameServed
Ramiro CejaAcademica SC2022/05/21AL1 gameServed
Amadou MogossiregaGrove Soccer United2022/05/21DGF1 gameServed
Evan PaezAlexandria Reds2022/05/212CT1 gameServed
Luan TufaniAkron City FC2022/05/202CT2 gamesServed
Titus GrantTulsa Athletic2022/05/19AL1 gameServed
Karim Peterson-DarbakiMinnesota TwinStars FC2022/05/18VC2 gamesServed
Colby PartonIrving FC2022/05/152CT1 gameServed
Mario FregosoAcademica SC2022/05/14YCA1 gameServed
Julio VargasLas Vegas Legends FC2022/05/152CT1 gameServed
David EdwardsonCarpathia FC2022/05/14SFP1 gameServed
Gabriel PadillaSacramento Gold FC2022/05/14YCA1 gameServed
Gabriel PadillaSacramento Gold FC2022/05/142CT1 gameServed
Reece KilpinDakota Fusion FC2022/05/14DGH1 gameServed
Keaton JenningsPittsburgh Hotspurs2022/05/14DGH1 gameServed
Jordan McCombsReign FK2022/05/122CT1 gameServed
Diego SmokMiami Beach CF2022/05/08DGF1 gameServed
Elmer Caceres BanegasNaples United FC2022/05/082CT1 gameServed
Craig ChisholmGeorgia Revolution FC2022/05/072CT1 gameServed
Darren AbbeyArkansas Wolves FC2022/05/072CT1 gameServed
Koray Ramzi KarakasFC Arizona2022/05/07SFP1 gameServed
Daryan CoronelLas Vegas Legends FC2022/05/07VC2 gamesServed
Esequiel ColonelLas Vegas Legends FC2022/05/072CT1 gameServed
Caleb MunskiSyracuse FC2022/05/072CT1 gameServed
Luis Alberto Castillo GuzmanOakland Stompers2022/04/30DGF1 gameServed
Dario PavonNapa Valley 1839 FC2022/04/302CT1 gameServed
Vincent Cortezzo (coach)Sonoma County Sol FC2022/04/23AL1 gameServed
Juan FloresAcademica SC2022/04/26YCA1 gameServed
Alex ClimacoSonoma County Sol FC2022/04/23AL1 minimumServed
Juan FloresAcademica SC2022/04/232CT1 gameServed
Kristopher Hall (coach)FC Davis2022/03/27IB2 games + $500 fine$500 fine remaining
Adam Lewin (coach/owner)FC Davis2022/03/27IB2 games + $500 fine$500 fine remaining
Beni Mejia-AlbertoAcademica SC2022/04/02VC2 gamesServed
Santiago Lopez (coach/owner)El Farolito2022/03/26AL1 game + $150 fineServed
Gerardo Perez-PlataFC Davis2022/03/27DGF1 gameServed
Ernesto BlanquelOakland SC2022/03/26VC2 gamesServed
Werner SantosEl Farolito2022/03/26SFP1 gameServed
Juan OrtizEl Farolito2022/03/26DGF1 gameServed
Contra Costa FCContra Costa FC2022/03/19IB$150 fineServed
Roberto GonzalezContra Costa FC2022/03/19IB4 gamesServed
Ian ReisNapa Valley 1839 FC2022/03/19VC2 gamesServed
Cesar RochaOakland Stompers2021/12/182CT2 games2 games remaining
Carlos PertuzEl Farolito2021/08/14VC3 games1 game remaining
Ryan PetersonFC Motown2021/07/252CT3 gamesServed
Christopher ChristianSacramento Gold FC2021/07/24AL4 gamesServed
Danny ReynoldsSouthern States SC2021/07/23VC2 games1 game remaining
Diego ResquinNaples United FC2021/07/232CT1 gameServed
Jonathan GonzalezNaples United FC2021/07/23SFP1 game1 game remaining
Santiago TiburziMilwaukee Torrent2021/07/232CT2 games2 games remaining
Samuel NovakMilwaukee Torrent2021/07/232CT1 gameServed
Amir LouaibiPanathinaikos Chicago2021/07/172CT1 game1 game remaining
Yeison EsquivelPanathinaikos Chicago2021/07/172CT1 game1 game remaining
Kevin BarajasGeorgia Storm SA2021/07/17VC3 games3 games remaining
Tajay ReidErie Commodores2021/07/172CT1 game1 game remaining
Andres Lagos VerdugaLC Aris FC2021/07/172CT2 gamesServed
Isaac PereyraMilwaukee Torrent2021/07/17VC2 games1 game remaining
Jackson KimOKC 1889 FC2021/07/14VC2 gamesServed
Adam ConwayMidland-Odessa Sockers FC2021/07/14S2 games2 games remaining
Ayden von EssenFC Arizona2021/07/14VC2 games2 games remaining
Paterson KaboreKingston Stockade FC2021/07/14VC3 gamesServed
Tarik AbdiKaty 1895 FC2021/07/14DGH1 gameServed
Dillon GalletPensacola FC2021/07/10RA2 years2 years remaining
Adrian CharlesFC Indiana2021/07/10VC3 games2 games remaining
Alonso RodriguezMidland-Odessa Sockers FC2021/07/10VC3 games2 games remaiing
ARNOLD MARTINEZMetro Louisville FC2021/07/102CT1 game1 game remaining
Wendell Matheus De MatosBoston City FC2021/06/26VC3 games1 game remaining
Duce BellLas Vegas Legends FC2021/05/01IR3 gamesServed