Disciplinary Report


For further information, please reference the NPSL Disciplinary Code. Questions should be directed to Paul Scott at pscott@npsl.com

Suspension Codes:
  • 2CT = Receiving a second caution in the same match
  • DOGSO-F = Denying a goal scoring opportunity by fouling
  • DOGSO-H = Denying a goal scoring opportunity by handling
  • SFP = Serious foul play
  • VC = Violent conduct
  • AL = Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures
  • S = Spitting
  • MD = Match Disrepute
  • RAB = Referee Abuse
  • RA = Referee Assault
  • PC = Public criticism
AS OF 2023/07/30
Cian GantleyDuluth FC2023/07/15AL2 games2 games remaining
Michael GallagherCrossfire Red2023/07/292CT1 game1 game remaining
Ebrima DamphaApotheos FC2023/07/292CT2 games2 games remaining
Samuel Nii Armah AshiteyFC Motown2023/07/222CT1 game1 game remaining
Justin KopaySteel City FC2023/07/22AL2 games2 games remaining
Brice GandhiSteel City FC2023/07/22AL2 games2 games remaining
Rodrigo AlbayerosSteel City FC2023/07/22AL1 game minimum1 game minimum remaining
Gregory Irwin (GM)FC Motown2023/07/22IB1 game1 game remaining
Mansour DiopCrossfire Red2023/07/222CT1 gameServed
Jonathan JimenezNaples United FC2023/07/212CT1 game1 game remaining
Cesar Armando Saldivar RoblesBrownsville NPSL2023/07/21AL1 game1 game remaining
Ismael Pineda JacomeBrownsville NPSL2023/07/21AL1 game1 game remaining
Oscar Garcia JRBrownsville NPSL2023/07/212CT1 game1 game remaining
Jorge Adrian Amaya GonzalezBrownsville NPSL2023/07/21VC2 games2 games remaining
Tommy Park (Exec. Dir)Alexandria Reds2023/07/15IB1 game minimum1 game minimum remaining
Jeffrey AguilarAlexandria Reds2023/07/15S1 game minimumOverturned
Kevin VenturaAlexandria Reds2023/07/152CTOverturnedOverturned
Jackson RuckmanAnnapolis Blues FC2023/07/15DGF1 gameServed
Mark Corbett (coach)Napa Valley 1839 FC2023/07/16AL1 game1 game remaining
Neil Cassidy (coach)Med City FC2023/07/15AL1 gameServed
Dylan Viebrantz-ZavatiniDuluth FC2023/07/152CT1 game1 game remaining
Andres SolaresDuluth FC2023/07/152CT1 game1 game remaining
Colin O MahonyDuluth FC2023/07/152CT1 game1 game remaining
Kostyantyn DomaratskyyDuluth FC2023/07/15AL3 games3 games remaining
Ryan ClearyAtlantic City FC2023/07/15DGF1 game1 game remaining
Iolo JonesGeorgia Revolution FC2023/07/152CT2 games2 games remaining
Piers RingdahlGeorgia Revolution FC2023/07/15VC2 games2 games remaining
Mohamed Lamin GerewouApotheos FC2023/07/15SFP1 gameServed
Reece HarrisonSouthern States SC2023/07/152CT1 gameServed
Luis Angel Ayala VIllarinoBrownsville NPSL2023/07/15VC3 games2 games remaining
Osvaldo GarciaBrownsville NPSL2023/07/15AL1 gameServed
Tyler JohnCrossfire Red2023/07/152CT1 gameServed
James BrentMinnesota TwinStars FC2023/07/122CT1 game1 game remaining
Jack MarchantGeorgia Revolution FC2023/07/12IB1 gameServed
Victor DominguesWest Texas FC2023/07/11AL2 games2 games remaining
Gael GonzalezWest Texas FC2023/07/11AL2 games2 games remaining
Sora ShibataWest Texas FC2023/07/11RA1 game minimum1 game minimum remaining
Gustavo BarrosoWest Texas FC2023/07/112CT2 games2 games remaining
Pateh LayeValeo FC2023/07/08VC3 games3 games remaining
John MendrysaNew York Shockers2023/07/08VC2 game2 games remaining
Josue FrancoAtletico De Miami Beach2023/07/092CT1 game1 game remaining
Daniel RiversMiami Dutch Lions FC2023/07/092CT1 game1 game remaining
Ope ObakinMiami Dutch Lions FC2023/07/092CT1 game1 game remaining
Matthew HogganCrossfire White2023/07/092CT1 game1 game remaining
Saviour AnyagriFirst State FC2023/07/08VC2 games2 games remaining
Carill AsanjiPhiladelphia Union Development Squad2023/07/082CT1 game1 game remaining
Tyler HutchinsonFC Monmouth2023/07/082CT3 games3 games remaining
Matias Herrera FuentesFC Davis2023/07/08AL2 games2 games remaining
Juan AguilarEl Farolito2023/07/08VC3 games1 game remaining
Adewumi AladetimiFC Davis2023/07/08VC2 games2 game remaining
Marcos Da SilvaEl Farolito2023/07/08IB1 gameServed
Cory Zennamo (coach)Syracuse FC2023/07/08AL1 game1 game remaining
ServedNaples United FC2023/07/082CT1 game1 game remaining
Franco DonadoAtletico De Miami Beach2023/07/08DGF1 gameServed
Michael ConstantFort Worth Vaqueros2023/07/082CT1 game1 game remaining
Reise CorpuzErie Commodores2023/07/082CT1 game1 game remaining
Herman Fernandez OrtegaLC Aris FC2023/07/082CT1 game1 game remaining
Jack HowardSioux Falls Thunder FC2023/07/08DGF1 game1 game remaining
Marcus HorwoodSioux Falls Thunder FC2023/07/08AL3 games3 games remaining
Thomas PrestonPensacola FC2023/07/082CT2 gamesServed
Sean Jones (owner)Arkansas Wolves SC2023/07/08AL1 game stadium ban + $100 fine1 game stadium ban + $100 fine remaining
Maurice TheartArkansas Wolves SC2023/07/082CT1 game1 game remaining
Jonas LarssonTorch FC2023/07/08S2 games2 games remaining
Volker Jannik Esteban KaupTorch FC2023/07/082CT1 game1 game remaining
Luis UriosteguiAustin United FC2023/07/052CT1 gameServed
Randy MartinezAustin United FC2023/07/052CT1 gameServed
Jose Agustin Narvaez QuinteroCentral Texas Coyotes FC2023/07/052CT1 gameServed
Andres PulidoCentral Texas Coyotes FC2023/07/052CT1 gameServed
Christopher WelshNorthern Virginia United2023/07/052CT3 games3 games remaining
Joshua SeyerSioux Falls Thunder FC2023/07/05DGF1 gameServed
Colin O MahonyDuluth FC2023/07/02AL1 gameServed
Xavier BrownClub Atletico Saint Louis2023/07/02DGF1 game1 game remaining
Harri LovettAppalachian FC2023/07/012CT2 gamesServed
Jeffry Alonso Araica HernandezAtletico De Miami Beach2023/07/012CT1 gameServed
Cambell YoungPensacola FC2023/07/012CT2 gamesServed
Kamerin FobergMiami Dutch Lions FC2023/07/01AL1 gameServed
Pedro EspindolaNew York Shockers2023/07/012CT1 gameServed
Adam HansonMichigan Rangers FC2023/07/012CT1 gameServed
Nicolas BaigrieMichigan Rangers FC2023/07/01SFP1 gameServed
Damon Gochneaur (owner)Denton Diablos FC2023/07/01AL4 game stadium ban + $350 fine4 game stadium ban + $350 fine remaining
Anthony PowellDenton Diablos FC2023/06/28VC2 games1 game remaining
Luis ZelaGlobal Soccer Pathways2023/06/28VC2 gamesServed
Gerardo Reinoso (coach)Global Soccer Pathways2023/06/28RA1 game minimum1 game minimum remaining
Geronimo SalazarNaples United FC2023/06/28VC2 gamesServed
Jonathan JimenezNaples United FC2023/06/28VC2 gamesServed
Guy BaskervilleNew Orleans Jesters2023/06/282CT1 gameServed
Brady OlsenHershey FC2023/06/282CT1 gameServed
London WilliamsAppalachian FC2023/06/25VC1 gameServed
Draven BarnettKansas City Sol2023/06/24SFP1 gameServed
Ethan BonaparteOKC 1889 FC2023/06/24SFP1 gameServed
Craig ChisholmGeorgia Revolution FC2023/06/24AL1 gameServed
William Hanna (coach)Alexandria Reds2023/06/24AL1 gameServed
Luis JesseDemize NPSL2023/06/24AL2 gamesServed
Chris Hanlon (coach)Demize NPSL2023/06/24IB1 game + $100 fine $100 fine remaining
Justin WrightLions United FC2023/06/24VC2 games1 game remaining
Diraj ThajaliOakland SC2023/06/242CT1 gameServed
Manuel SilgueraGlobal Soccer Pathways2023/06/24DGF1 gameServed
David RieraJoy St. Louis Park2023/06/242CT1 gameServed
Edson Mateo Silva ReyesBrownsville NPSL2023/06/24VC3 gamesServed
Evan LamarcaHershey FC2023/06/24VC2 gamesServed
Sean JenningsPhiladelphia Ukrainian Nationals2023/06/24VC2 gamesServed
Carlos Darci Trott NetoCorinthians FC of San Antonio2023/06/222 CT1 gameServed
Mateo CigainaAtletico De Miami Beach2023/06/212CT3 gamesServed
Robert AmaroSioux Falls Thunder FC2023/06/212CT1 gameServed
Luis VergaraLC Aris FC2023/06/21VC3 gamesServed
Victor MachadoWest Texas FC2023/06/182CT1 gameServed
Tuyisenge IsraelAppalachian FC2023/06/17AL1 gameServed
Mike Raymond (GM)Appalachian FC2023/06/17AL1 game stadium banServed
Maxwell RobertsSunflower State FC2023/06/17RA3 mos US Soccer + 4 games NPSL3 mos US Soccer remaining
Nicholas McDonald (coach)Sunflower State FC2023/06/172CT/AL1 gameServed
Samuel MejiaVirginia Dream FC2023/06/17VC2 gamesServed
Robert TappFC Monmouth2023/06/17SFP1 gameServed
Gabriel MeirelesValeo FC2023/06/172CT1 gameServed
William De DiosReign FK2023/06/172CT1 gameServed
Anthony RangelKansas City Sol2023/06/17SFP1 gameServed
João KawasakiKansas City Sol2023/06/17SFP1 gameServed
Reece HarrisonSouthern States SC2023/06/06VC2 gamesServed
Gabriel PerrottaSouthern States SC2023/06/06VC2 gamesServed
Graham Hewitt (coach)Florida Roots FC2023/06/06VC3 games1 game remaining
Bryson Weilbacher-MatosFlorida Roots FC2023/06/06VC2 gamesServed
Sebastian Bocaz CanalesFlorida Roots FC2023/06/06VC3 games1 game remaining
Ayoub OuhammouFC Columbus2023/06/162CT1 gameServed
Damon Gochneaur (owner)Denton Diablos FC2023/06/14AL2 game stadium ban +$250 fine$250 fine remaining
Alberto MolinaKingston Stockade FC2023/06/142CT2 gamesServed
Matthew StasyukSyracuse FC2023/06/14SFP1 gameServed
Josef PaulusAkron City FC2023/06/14SFP1 gameServed
Keegan DawsonCleveland SC2023/06/11SFP1 gameServed
Jacob HancockErie Commodores2023/06/112CT1 gameServed
Preston OnyenachoLions United FC2023/06/10VC2 gamesServed
Erik AmirkhanyanLions United FC2023/06/10VC2 gamesServed
Terry BarnouLions United FC2023/06/10VC2 gamesServed
Daniel RangelLas Vegas Legends FC2023/06/10VC2 gamesServed
Artavazd Karamyan (coach)Lions United FC2023/06/10AL2 games1 game remaining
Arman Karamyan (coach)Lions United FC2023/06/10AL2 games1 game remaining
Joao BrumAtlantic City FC2023/06/10AL3 gamesServed
Mark Corbett (coach)Napa Valley 1839 FC2023/06/10AL1 gameServed
Adewumi AladetimiFC Davis2023/06/102CT1 gameServed
Ethan GregoryNorthern Virginia United2023/06/102CT1 gameServed
Jackson AustinKansas City Sol2023/06/102CT1 gameServed
Federico Andrea SimonettiFlorida Roots FC2023/06/10DGF1 gameServed
Luis VergaraLC Aris FC2023/06/102CT1 gameServed
Alexander Anderson-MeyersCF10 Houston FC2023/06/09S1 gameServed
Greg Devito (coach)Hartford City FC2023/06/07AL1 gameServed
Nicholas HupeHartford City FC2023/06/07DGF1 gameServed
Jake WillliamsHartford City FC2023/06/072CT1 gameServed
Edu Zurita (coach)Southern States SC2023/06/06VC3 gamesServed
Regan MendesFlorida Roots FC2023/06/06VC3 gamesServed
Michael TellerCarpathia FC2023/06/042CT1 gameServed
Kenzo MorabiaFC Davis2023/06/032CT1 gameServed
Emmanuel LopezLas Vegas Legends FC2023/06/032CT1 gameServed
Eduardo GuzmanLas Vegas Legends FC2023/06/032CT2 gamesServed
Johnatan MosqueraD. Case; to serve 6/10, 6/17, 6/24, 7/1; team notifeid 6/6, served 6/10, 6/17, 6/24, 7/12023/06/03VC/RA4 gamesServed
Douglas DonizetEl Farolito2023/06/03RA4 gamesServed
Andri RivasCF10 Houston FC2023/06/03SFP1 gameServed
David Santesteban (coach)California Odyssey SC2023/06/03AL1 gameServed
Enrique HornaIowa Raptors FC2023/06/03VC2 gamesServed
Jamie OrsonGeorgia Revolution FC2023/06/03SFP2 gamesServed
Tom Wilson (coach)Georgia Revolution FC2023/06/03AL2 gamesServed
Fabio PodmelleMiami Dutch Lions FC2023/06/032CT1 gameServed
Juan SalasFort Worth Vaqueros2023/06/02RA2 yrs NPSL-life probation, 1 yr US Soccer2 yrs NPSL-life probation, 1 yr US Soccer remaining
Daniel DeLaCerdaFort Worth Vaqueros2023/06/02VC2 gamesServed
Alexander BlancheNew Orleans Jesters2023/06/012CT2 gamesServed
Frank Spaeth (owner)Med City FC2023/05/31AL1 gameServed
Julio RojoMed City FC2023/05/31AL1 gameServed
Thomas SamsNew York Shockers2023/05/27DGF1 gameServed
Evan SchweickertHartford City FC2023/05/272CT1 gameServed
Marcus HorwoodSioux Falls Thunder FC2023/05/312CT1 gameServed
John SosaKansas City Sol2023/05/312CT1 gameServed
Braden McCannReign FK2023/05/272CT1 gameServed
Karim Peterson-Darbaki (coach)Minnesota TwinStars FC2023/05/27AL1 gameServed
Roberto RangelFC Milwaukee Torrent2023/05/272CT1 gameServed
Alexander RenderAppalachian FC2023/05/27AL1 gameServed
Grant CarrApotheos FC2023/05/272CT1 gameServed
Chris MendezMichigan Rangers FC2023/05/26VC3 gameServed
Sean Morgan (coach)Duluth FC2023/05/24IB1 gameServed
Tristan JumeauMed City FC2023/05/242CT1 gameServed
Lovro HorvatLubbock Matadors2023/05/24DGF1 gameServed
Thomas BeckCleveland SC2023/05/212CT1 gameServed
Malick SowFC Columbus2023/05/21AL1 gameServed
Luke JonesLubbock Matadors2023/05/202CT1 gameServed
Javier Alcarria MorenoNapa Valley 1939 FC2023/05/202CT1 gameServed
Mark PeadenFlorida Roots2023/05/20DGF1 gameServed
Keaton WoodsIowa Raptors FC2023/05/20AL3 gamesServed
Sarrive RukakizaIowa Raptors FC2023/05/20RA3 gamesServed
Stefan MijatovicIowa Raptors FC2023/05/20DGF1 gameServed
Facundo FrimbergAtletico De Miami Beach2023/05/202CT1 gameServed
Joey ZalinskyJackson Lions FC2023/05/202CT1 gameServed
Vuk MartinovicCharlottetowne Hops2023/05/202CT1 gameServed
Michaelaaron OrtezCalifornia Odyssey SC2023/05/202CT2 gamesServed
Junior SandovalApotheos FC2023/05/20AL2 gamesServed
Sean BrooksKansas City Sol2023/05/20VC2 gamesServed
Raphael NascimentoDes Moines United FC2023/05/17VC2 gamesServed
Osvaldo CastanedaCF10 Houston FC2023/05/132CT1 gameServed
Abdon RosalesArkansas Wolves SC2023/05/132CT1 gameServed
Daniel HuffArkansas Wolves SC2023/05/13DGF1 gameServed
Sebastian AcostaLC Aris FC2023/05/14VC2 gamesServed
Kellin AguiarNaples United FC2023/05/13DGF1 gameServed
Emilio RamirezLions United FC2023/05/13DGF1 gameServed
Mauro GuttierezGeorgia Storm2023/05/142CT1 gameServed
Devin Elyze-Vital865 Alliance2023/05/062CT1 gameServed
Hugo MekaouiOakland Stompers2023/05/06VC2 gamesServed
Danny TurgeonSan Ramon FC2023/05/06DGF0 gameOverturned by Protest
Luto TomJacksonville Armada FC U-232023/05/07DGF1 gameServed
Dominic IovinoFC Arizona2023/05/062CT1 gameServed
Oscar MovilOakland SC2023/04/16VC2 gamesServed
David Landeros (coach)Oakland SC2023/04/16AL1 gameServed
David Pekarek (coach)FC Motown2022/08/06IB3 games +$50 fineServed
Jannis SchmidtCleveland SC2022/07/242CT1 gameServed
Chris CveckoCleveland SC2022/07/242CT2 gamesServed
Damani HarrisTulsa Athletic2022/07/202CT/RAB3 games1 game remaining
Marcelo GonzalezNaples United FC2022/07/202CT1 game1 game remaining
Alexandros IeridesJacksonville Armada FC U-232022/07/202CT2 games1 games remaining
Philip D'AmicoCentral Florida Panthers SC2022/07/17DGF1 game1 game remaining
Abdel NaitOKC 1889 FC2022/07/162CT/RAB3 games3 games remaining
Daniel BuitragoEl Farolito2022/07/16VC3 gamesServed
Manolo PinaSacramento Gold FC2022/07/16VC2 gamesServed
Jorge RadillaJoy St. Louis Park2022/07/162CT1 gameServed
Christopher WelshNorthern Virginia United2022/07/16VC2 gamesServed
Oluwatobi JosephAlexandria Reds2022/07/16VC2 gamesServed
Preston RushmoreElectric City Shock FC2022/07/152CT1 gameServed
Dean McConnellDemize NPSL2022/07/142CT1 game1 game remaining
Iolo JonesGeorgia Revolution FC2022/07/13VC2 gamesServed
AlexNyarko HarlleyGeorgia Revolution FC2022/07/13AL4 games4 games remaining
Jakob MohrlokJoy St. Louis Park2022/07/092CT2 games1 game remaining
Juan ValienteMiami Dutch Lions FC2022/07/092CT1 game1 game remaining
Fabio PodmelleMiami Dutch Lions FC2022/07/092CT1 gameServed
Carlos SantamariaDenton Diablos FC2022/07/092CT1 game1 game remaining
Edgar GuzmanPanathinaikos Chicago2022/07/092CT3 games3 games remaining
Dionissios Chronopoulos (coach)Panathinaikos Chicago2022/07/09IB4 game stadium ban4 game stadium ban remaining
Santiago NaliatoGrove Soccer United2022/07/092CT1 gameServed
Edward DakwaAFC Mobile2022/07/09DGF1 game1 game remaining
Omar Temes LandaMagia FC2022/07/09VC2 games2 games remaining
Enrique GomezMagia FC2022/07/092CT1 game1 game remaining
Ope ObakinSunflower State FC2022/07/09AL2 gamesServed
Nicholas McDonaldSunflower State FC2022/07/092CT2 gamesServed
Ander CastilloFC Buffalo2022/07/08VC2 games1 game remaining
Luan Bressy BarbosaTorch FC2022/07/072CT2 games2 games remaining
Johnny HartFC Monmouth2022/07/06VC2 games1 game remaining
Matteo JerneeAtlantic City FC2022/07/06VC2 gamesServed
Joshua ThackerOSA Seattle FC2022/06/30AL1 game1 game remaining
Mamadou LeighOSA Seattle FC2022/06/30VC2 games2 games remaining
Adama KanteOSA Seattle FC2022/06/30AL1 game1 game remaining
Erick ArvizuOSA Seattle FC2022/06/30AL1 game1 game remaining
Juan Pablo Murillo (coach)OSA Seattle FC2022/06/30VC2 games2 games remaining
Esequiel CoronelLas Vegas Legends FC2022/06/30AL4 gamesServed
Lucas VillarrealMiami United FC2022/06/29RA6 months + 1 yr. probation1 yr. probation remaining
Robertino InsuaMiami United FC2022/06/29RAB4 games2 games remaining
Juan Marco ArpinoMiami United FC2022/06/29SFP/RAB4 gamesServed
Vince MccoyMagia FC2022/06/26VC3 games1 game remaining
Alejandro Aguilar (coach)FC Arizona2022/06/25AL/RAB3 gamesServed
José Luis Villarreal (coach)Miami United FC2022/06/25IB3 games1 game remaining
Nebiu KinfuOakland SC2022/06/25AL2 games2 games remaining
Michael Muniz (coach)Oakland SC2022/06/25RA4 gamesServed
Bryan CancholaOakland SC2022/06/25AL1 gameServed
Ted Kroeten (coach)Joy St. Louis Park2022/06/22IB3 games1 game remaining
Cesar RochaOakland Stompers2021/7/182CT2 gamesServed
Carlos PertuzEl Farolito2021/08/14VC3 gamesServed
Danny ReynoldsSouthern States SC2021/07/23VC2 gamesServed
Jonathan GonzalezNaples United FC2021/07/23SFP1 gameServed
Santiago TiburziMilwaukee Torrent2021/07/232CT2 gamesServed
Amir LouaibiPanathinaikos Chicago2021/07/172CT1 gameServed
Yeison EsquivelPanathinaikos Chicago2021/07/172CT1 gameServed
Kevin BarajasGeorgia Storm SA2021/07/17VC3 gamesServed
Tajay ReidErie Commodores2021/07/172CT1 gameServed
Isaac PereyraMilwaukee Torrent2021/07/17VC2 gamesServed
Adam ConwayMidland-Odessa Sockers FC2021/07/14S2 gamesServed
Ayden von EssenFC Arizona2021/07/14VC2 gamesServed
Dillon GalletPensacola FC2021/07/10RA2 years1 year remaining
Adrian CharlesFC Indiana2021/07/10VC3 gamesServed
Alonso RodriguezMidland-Odessa Sockers FC2021/07/10VC3 gamesServed
ARNOLD MARTINEZMetro Louisville FC2021/07/102CT1 gameServed
Wendell Matheus De MatosBoston City FC2021/06/26VC3 gamesServed