The VPG eNPSL is an eSports league, newly formed for 2020. Participating teams are NPSL members, playing FIFA 20 from EA Sports on the PlayStation 4. (Read official announcement here)

The NPSL has partnered with Virtual Pro Gaming (VPG), as the provider of the back-end scheduling & statistics platform, and also providing a professional player pool of over 200,000 gamers.

The inaugural league consists of 16 teams, fielding full squads of 22 players each. Just as in real-life soccer, 11 gamers play together on each team at a time, controlling only one player each during the entire match. The players communicate via text chat and video platforms mid-match to emulate real-life communication between players on the soccer pitch.

The 16-team league plays each team twice, forming a 30-game regular season. The top 8 teams at the end of the regular season qualify for the 2020 VPG eNPSL Playoffs (read more about the playoffs here).


Atlantic City FC
Denton Diablos FC
Fort Worth Vaqueros FC
New Orleans Jesters
Boca Raton FC
Duluth FC
Las Vegas Legends FC
Boston City FC
FC Baltimore Christos
Milwaukee Torrent
Ozark FC
Central Florida Panthers SC
FC Buffalo
Muskegon Risers
Temecula FC

Standings Tiebreakers

Tiebreakers between 2 teams:
  1. Head-to-head results
  2. Goal difference in head-to-head matchups
  3. Most wins in conference competition
  4. Goal difference in conference competition
  5. Fewest losses in conference competition
  6. Coin toss
Tiebreakers between 3 or more teams:

A mini table involving only the tied teams shall be used. If there is a 2-team tie in the mini table, the 2-team tiebreakers listed above will apply. If there is a tie for points between 3 or more teams, the following tiebreakers will apply:

  1. Most wins in conference competition
  2. Goal difference in conference competition
  3. Fewest losses in conference competition
  4. Coin toss