2020 Seasons 260×40

Social Media Highlights Guide

The NPSL social media accounts will post highlights of your league matches (no exhibitions or cup matches), if you provide video clips for the staff to post. Please follow the directions below for a successful submission. There is no confirmation or notification if a submission does not meet the guidelines. All submissions must be uploaded to Dropbox via the provided link below. Please do not email. The HOME TEAM is responsible for submitting video clips from the game. Highlight videos will be turned around as quickly as possible by league staff and will be posted on NPSL social media accounts with the involved teams tagged.

There are TWO requirements for each submission:
  1. Video highlight clips of the game – each clip’s file name should have the name of the two teams involved, the game date, and the minute of the event’s occurrence
    • example: “Team FC vs Team FC YYYY-MM-DD 90min”
  2. A text document (Word doc or similar) listing the minute that each submitted clip occurred. List the minute of the clip, then a short description of the event
    • example: 90′ – goal, John Doe, Team FC