Supporter of the Season

Chamberlan Carothers - Southern States SC

Chamberlan has organized events and outreach opportunities, has gone into the community raising awareness, and has truly put his heart into Southern States SC. He created an environment where everyone wanted to be involved, and his passion for the club is so evident in his everyday life.

Lucas Gioia - Katy 1895 FC

Lucas is a big Katy 1895 FC supporter, and also a big help to the club. He arrives to games early to help the team get set up at the stadium. He knows every player and their positions and encourages them throughout the game. Even though he had the chance to attend the Copa America Final with Argentina playing (Lucas is Argentinian), he chose to cheer on his favorite NPSL club instead.

Torrent Flagman - FC Milwaukee Torrent

The Torrent Flagman (T-Man for short) is at every FC Milwaukee Torrent game; home or away. He always encourages others to come with him to away games, and rallies up fans at the home games. T-Man is enthusiastic and passionate, singing in the stands and bringing great energy. He even goes to the team’s practice sessions to help the staff.

Dustin Wilson - AFC Mobile

Dustin bleeds for AFC Mobile. He has dressed up to support his team for countless away games, and is at every home game. He became the Pineapple of Friendship to encourage friendship between teams and supporter groups.