Supporter of the Season

Dustin Wilson - AFC Mobile

Dustin, known as “The Pineapple” of AFC Mobile, appears to each game dressed as a giant pineapple. He has been to every game, and spreads love and respect wherever he goes. Rather than build hostility against opposing fans, Dustin presents every away supporters’ group with a “pineapple of friendship”.

Bradley Delmar - Kingston Stockade FC

Bradley is a hard-working supporter behind many of the tifos and banners seen at Kingston Stockade FC games. He also leads chants and plays the drums in the stands. Bradley was a lead coordinator for Kingston Stockade FC’s “Prideraiser” campaign, which raises funds for local LGBTQ+ charities.

Fred Densmore - Napa Valley 1839 FC

Home or away, Fred is always there leading the Green Army of Napa Valley 1839 FC. He rallies supporters to attend away games, and his signature smoke bomb goal celebrations have made front page covers of local newspapers.