2024 USASA National Amateur Cup

About the USASA National Amateur Cup

The USASA National Amateur Cup is the United States Adult Soccer Association’s (USASA) knockout competition that is open to all amateur teams affiliated with USASA. The tournament is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2024, and will be contested by dozens of teams across the country. The tournament operates in varying formats through the USASA’s 4 regions (I, II, III, and IV), culminating with the national semifinals and final.

As USASA’s only men’s Tier 1 league (read more here), the NPSL gains automatic berths into the tournament at various stages amongst USASA’s 4 regions. The Winner of the USASA National Amateur Cup is awarded the Fritz Marth Cup and an automatic berth into the U.S. Open Cup.

Participating NPSL Teams

Akron City FC
Alexandria Reds
FC Arizona
FC Milwaukee Torrent
Naples United FC
New York Shockers

Matches with NPSL teams participating

First Round

SC Vistula Garfield 1-2 New York Shockers

Alexandria Reds (2) 1-1 (4) Christos FC


New York Shockers 2-3 Providence City FC


FC Milwaukee Torrent x Winner of Czarina Jason Chicago x Chicago House AC
Match day/time/location TBA

Akron City FC x Winner of Michigan Stars U23 x Northern Indiana FC
Match day/time/location TBA


Naples United FC x TBD
June 7, time TBA – MESA Soccer Complex – Greenville, SC

ULMN Club Soccer x FC Arizona
May 25 – Time/location TBA

July 25-28, 2024 – DeKalb, IL