Going Toe to Toe with a U.S. Open Legend: Crossfire Redmond vs. Sacramento Republic FC

By Favian Renkel/NPSL.com

The U.S. Open Cup, the most prestigious soccer tournament in the United States, lived up to its reputation as Crossfire Redmond and Sacramento Republic FC clashed in a thrilling matchup. Despite being the underdog, Crossfire Redmond, a NPSL side, performed impressively against the Sacramento Republic, a challenging USL opponent even for an MLS team.  The stage was set for an exhilarating game as both teams fought for a chance to move on to the next round and possibly lift the coveted cup.

Crossfire Redmond wasted no time making their mark on the game, taking a commanding 2-0 lead within the first 13 minutes of play.  The pitch seemed slippery, and the first goal came off a slip from a Sacramento Republic player, allowing Crossfire’s Richard Aman to capitalize and give his team a dream start away from home.  It was a fairy tale beginning for the team from the Emerald City, and their confidence was evident as they continued to press forward.  Crossfire shifted their tactics with a two-goal advantage, deploying ten men behind the ball and making it difficult for Sacramento to break through their defense.  The formation, meticulously crafted by Crossfire head coach Bill Colello was a masterstroke in the first half as they frustrated Sacramento Republic’s attacking efforts and maintained their lead.

The match became intense as both teams battled hard in the second half.  Sacramento Republic brought in some USL starters to overcome the two-goal deficit.  However, Crossfire’s back line, led by Michael Gallagher, remained resilient, trying to play the ball over the Republic press.  The Republic fought back and broke through Crossfire’s defenses by the end of the match, tying up the match before the end of regulation. 

The tension escalated as the match went into extra time.  Munier Hussen of Crossfire Redmond scored a jaw-dropping goal within the first two minutes of extra time, a strike worthy of SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays.  However, the Sacramento Republic quickly responded with two goals in the 97th minute and 105th, putting the Republic up 4-3.  The crowd of 4,024 fans in Sacramento roared with excitement as the home team regained their momentum.

With only 10 minutes left in the second half of extra time, Crossfire Redmond’s Richard Aman scored a crucial goal to level the game at 4-4, silencing the crowd.  The Republic had one final twist in store as Johnny Fenwick scored a goal to put them ahead 5-4, sending the crowd into a frenzy.  Despite Crossfire’s valiant effort, they could not regain the back of the net.  The match ended with the Sacramento Republic emerging as the victors in a thrilling encounter.

The match was a valid showcase of the competitive spirit and passion for which the U.S. Open Cup is known.  Both teams left everything on the field, and the crowd was treated to a spectacle of goals, drama, and excitement. Crossfire Redmond may have fallen short, but their performance against the U.S. Open Cup legend Sacramento Republic was nothing short of remarkable.  The Republic showed their experience and resilience, ultimately emerging victorious in a match that will go down in U.S. Open Cup history as one of the most thrilling encounters.  The side from Washington has gained the hearts of many U.S. Open Cup fans with this historic battle.

The U.S. Open Cup continues to be a stage where underdogs can rise, and legends can be made, and this match was a testament to the magic of the tournament. 


Photo Credit: TJ Valenton 


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