The Cincinnati Saints ownership group will be moving their National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) team to Dayton, Ohio. The club will undergo a complete rebranding that will reflect the Dayton community. The Saints, founded in 2009, played in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) for the 2014 and 2015 seasons.

The club will be led by owner David Satterwhite, who brings six years of ownership experience. Satterwhite ran the Cincinnati Saints from 2009-2015 and is excited to bring his grassroots approach to building a soccer club to the Gem City. The club will focus on being an extension of the Dayton community, looking for opportunities to serve its city and grow the beautiful game locally.

Former Wright State University head coach David Wall will lead the organization’s coaching staff. Wall served as the head coach of the Saints over the past two seasons. He currently coaches at the Metro FC Academy in Dayton.

“It’s our goal to bring Dayton a club that represents the city, a club that the city can be proud to call their own,” Satterwhite stated.  “We want to be a reflection of all the great qualities that make up Dayton.”

A formal press conference will be held later this month announcing the team name, logo, and home venue.

Information excerpted from a team press release

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