Trying to put together a tribute for Clent Alexander is a difficult task, having meant so much to so many people.  So we thought we should let some of those people help us remember his work and his life.  Here are a few thoughts from around the NPSL:

“The passing of Clent Alexander is a real loss to the soccer community in Southern California. Anytime you lose someone that is willing to support soccer at the NPSL level, it is a real loss to the game as a whole.” – Brandon Jantz, Temecula FC

“We were deeply saddened to hear about Clent’s passing.  He was a visionary who cared deeply about the game.  It is a huge loss for the NPSL, San
Diego, and the sport as a whole.  He was a beloved member of the soccer community, someone who leaves behind a tremendous legacy.” – Joe Barone, NPSL Chairman

“I considered Clent to be a close and personal friend.  He was a great man who had a great passion for the beautiful game and life itself.  This is a massive loss for anyone involved with the sport.  He will be sorely missed by all of us here in the NPSL.” – Terry Lawriw, AFC Cleveland

“Clent was an inspiration and a local visionary.  He laid a foundation in the NPSL, creating a team that become one of the longest tenured in the league. He gave many players the opportunity to play at a higher level.  He also gave me a chance to coach at the professional level.” – Jerome Watson, San Diego Flash assistant coach

“Clent was truly an impressive individual, a man with great passion and vision.  He was truly one of a kind, a leader who brought so much to the sport.  His loss will be felt for many years to come.” – Gary Moody, NPSL Media/PR Consultant

“Clent was a crafty businessman that he learned from his younger days as a stockbroker from Long Beach, CA.  He had a keen eye for marketing opportunities that others didn’t see.  I was fortunate to sit on the NPSL Board of Directors with him as the two West Representatives for two full seasons.  During that time we became good friends and would often share ideas and stories on long phone calls.  He dreamed big and that is what I admired about Clent.  I will always cherish the advice and guidance he gave to me.  Clent, I will follow your lead and continue to #GrowTheGame.  You will be missed.” – Billy Forte, Owner/GM, SF Stompers FC

“I did not know Clent well, but I know he will be remembered for his willingness to lead by example. He stepped up to take on difficult challenges because it was the ‘right thing to do.’ My thoughts are with Clent, his loved ones, and the San Diego Flash community.” – Nick Arellano, Real San Jose

“Clent always made me feel like I had family here no matter what. He taught me character more than anything and always taught me to fight for my dreams and to work hard for anything I want.” – Kelley Coelho, former San Diego Flash staff member

“I was saddened to hear the news.  I do always remember how passionate and energetic he was for everything he did. He expected no less from his peers as his efforts didn’t go unnoticed by anybody who was lucky enough to be around him.” – Taylor Bowlin, former San Diego Flash player

We’ll also be adding more quotes to this page as more people share their thoughts on Clent and his legacy.

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