Heading into the final match of the season against instate rival Lansing United, Detroit City FC knew it only needed a win to secure a playoff spot. But, despite a hard fought match, the score line finished 2-2, and Detroit was left on the outside looking in as Lansing celebrated its inaugural season with a playoff berth.

For star striker Zach Myers, the finish to the season was a tough pill to swallow, attributing the second place finish to points dropped early in the season.

“It was a tough result to take,” Myers said. “We felt like we deserved better, but we left points on the table in the weeks leading up to it and they (Lansing United) got them through and were going to sit back and take their chance when they were presented them. Credit to them for doing that successfully.”

He added that even though there were moments the team can look at during the season where it could have changed the final outcome of the year, the players shouldn’t get caught up in the past, and instead try to move forward.

“We know there were opportunities in previous weeks, but you can’t get in the ‘what-if’ mindset. We had a job to do that day, and despite a good performance, it wasn’t enough.”

Despite the tough result at the end of the year, Myers had a successful season, scoring four goals and starting in 10 matches.

Myers said any success he had on the pitch was because of his teammates and coaching staff helping him along the way.

“It was definitely a team effort. From the coaching staff and owners, to my teammates and the supporters. We were always prepared going into every match, and it showed on the field.”

But the season wasn’t all positive for Myers, who spent some time sidelined with an injury, that he said he never fully recovered from.

“Unfortunately I had a nagging injury that I sustained at Indiana and could never fully recover from that, which was a huge reason I wasn’t able to continue scoring after the good start,” Myers added.

Next up, with the regular season finished, Detroit is set to take on Windsor Stars, and Myers said the team is excited to go out and get another chance to play in front of the fans.

“We are excited to go out and play one more time for the supporters. They mean so much to the club and are a huge reason a lot of guys, myself included, continue to play for Detroit City.”

Even though the team is going to miss out on a chance to prove itself in the playoffs, the eyes of the league will be focused on the teams that do make it, and Myers said he won’t be holding any grudges against the teams that kept Detroit out of the playoffs.

“I’ll be rooting for the Midwest Region,” Myers concluded. “We hope that whoever makes it out of the playoffs will represent the region well on the national stage.”

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